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    Rivets - (678 companies)
    ...different shaped heads, including domed, flat, or countersunk. To secure two or more pieces of material together, a rivet is placed into a hole cut just a bit larger in diameter than the rivet itself. During blind riveting or pop riveting, the force...
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    Riveters and Riveting Machines - (155 companies)
    ...the head of the rivet. The three main types of rivets are solid rivets, full tubular rivets, and semi-tubular rivets. These main types are then broken down into several configurations. Solid rivets have completely solid shafts with no internal cavities...
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  • Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys-Image
    Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys - (605 companies)
    Copper, brass, and bronze alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as good corrosion resistance, ductility and strength. How to Select Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys. Copper, brass, and bronze alloys...
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    Push-in Rivets - (31 companies)
    Push-in rivets are cylindrical, headed, usually plastic fasteners that are pushed or pressed into place to secure two or more items together. Push-in rivets are cylindrical, headed fasteners that are pushed or pressed into place to secure two...
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  • Display and Point of Purchase Services (POP)-Image
    Display and Point of Purchase Services (POP) - (965 companies)
    Display and point of purchase (POP) services provide retailers and consumer goods manufacturers with displays, signs, racks, merchandise tables, store fixtures, storefronts and other materials to market products to consumers. Display and point...
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    Solid State Relays - (607 companies)
    Solid state relays (SSR) or semiconductor relays are semiconductor devices that can be used in place of mechanical relays to switch electricity to a load in many applications. Solid state relays (SSR) are electrically operated switches...
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    Solids Feeders - (533 companies)
    Solids feeders are used to deliver powder, granular and other bulk solid materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors and product packaging. Additionally, they may serve to break down clumps or arches...
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    Solids Flow Meters - (32 companies)
    Solids flow meters measure the flow rate of bulk solids, powders, grain, etc. Solids flow meters measure and monitor the flow rate of bulk solids, powders, and grains. Solids flow meters are used extensively in: chemical and plastics manufacturing...
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    Solids Valves - (196 companies)
    Solids valves are used to control or regulate the flow of powder, granular and other bulk solid materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors and product packaging. Solids valves are used to control...
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    Gas, Liquid, and Solids Samplers - (162 companies)
    Gas samplers, liquid samplers and solids samplers are used to take samples of media from process streams, reactors or storage vessels. The sampling process is used to obtain representative samples of gas, liquid or solid. There are many different...
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  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    strips; aluminum powder, flakes, pipes and angles; mute aluminum panels; aluminum plates and base plates; damping sheets; electric marker tape; aluminum doors, door assemblies, roof panels and floor panels; aluminum casks, drums, cans and rivets; pop rivets ; lead wire, stamps and seals … … scanners; bank note validators; PCB cards; timer boards; electronic integrated circuits; sand traps; copper spring guides; air … … base units; amplifiers; blank CDs; flash memory drives; flash cards; diagnostic boards; tags; solid state storage; solid …
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  • McGraw-Hill Machining and Metalworking Handbook, Third Edition > Fastening and Joining Techniques and Hardware
    Rivets are made from carbon steels, aluminum alloys, brass, copper , bronze, and other materials agreed on by the manufacturer and purchaser. Rivets are made for blind-hole applications in the form of pull-stem pop rivets, drive-stem … Other forms include solid -stem, tubular, and semitubular rivets.
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  • Applied Chemistry
    It is a solid cylinder of wrought iron 40 cm in diameter, 7.2 m high. It was constructed of 300 shaped copper panels (32 t), 2.4 mm thick, riveted together and held in place by 1,800 steel armatures which slipped through 1,500 copper saddles. More than one third of the 12,000 rivets had popped by 1975.
  • 0.063 to 0.125" Blind Rivets - Rivets - Grainger Industrial Supply
    1/8", Rivet Length 0.256", Grip Range 0.063 to 0.125", Solid Core, Head Dia. Blind Rivet, Head Type Button, Rivet Material Copper , Mandrel Material Steel, Rivet Dia. • POP .
  • ZASMHBA0004139
    Most of the copper alloy seavalves, seacocks, or through-hulls and other underwater fittings are made of … Fasteners that appear solid at the ends may have hidden corrosion damage, such as the waspwaisting of … The fastenings most commonly used in fiberglass-reinforced plastic construction are bolts, self-tapping screws, and blind ( pop ) rivets .
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  • Dubbel
    Lesser steel rivets about to 10 become mm diameter Leichtmetall-, brasses and copper rivets kaltgeschlagen. … or operation of movement screws, a screw movement (screwing) about and along a solid axis, the screw … Blind rivet forms and lock bolt-connection. a DIN7337 blind rivet; b pop -cup-blind rivet; c …
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