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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RIVET National Microchip SOLID Not Provided 100
RIVET SOLID .094 X National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
MS20470 B 2-8 ASAP Semiconductor SPS TECHNOLOGIES Not Provided RIVET SOLID MS 20470 B 2- 8 0.
MS20426-AD2-2 ASAP Semiconductor KAYTECH Not Provided RIVET-SOLID FH ALU 1.6X3.2 MM
MS20426AD2-3 ASAP Semiconductor MERITEC Not Provided SOLID RIVET

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  • Blind Rivets
    and its upset end. Blind rivets are often used as an alternative to solid rivets. They are sometimes called breakstem or POP® rivets. POP is a registered trademark of Emhart Teknologies.
  • Semi-Tubular Rivets
    Semi-tubular rivets have a coaxial, cylindrical, or tapered hole in the end opposite the head, which the depth does not exceed 112% of the mean shank diameter. Semi-tubular rivets are similar to solid rivets, but require much less insertion force. This allows longer rivets to be used without
  • Straight Facts on Blind Rivets
    by a flared head and a solid-rod mandrel with a bulbed head that extends from the hollow rivet shaft. It looks somewhat like a nail. To install one, a jaw on a setting tool grips the mandrel, pulls it into the rivet body through a drilled or punched hole in one or more layers of material
  • New ideas reshape solid modeling
    appropriate nuts and washers. The software lets users customize the feature to industry norms and company preferences. In the last 24 months, developers of solid-modeling systems have packed more productivity features and technology into their software, making them increasingly powerful design tools
  • Laser Trackers Shrink Aircraft-Sized Manufacturing Problems (.pdf)
    coefficient of thermal expansion. Its thermal stability makes it ideal for B-stage resins that will be. cured in an autoclave. The downside of Invar is that it is expensive and difficult to machine, so it is. important to avoid machining mistakes. Molds are comprised of two regions, the solid surface
  • Plastics Processing Applications: Continuous Hot Melt Production
    Adhesives are characterized by the fact that they adhere simply through pressing together the parts of the joint which requires bonding. They demonstrate a lasting and permanent adhesive effect at room temperature. Hot melt adhesives are solvent-free adhesives, which are characteristically solid
  • Fasteners that maximize assembly life
    the hole in which it is retained to elongate and leads to eventual assembly failure. A pin that is too flexible fatigues under dynamic loading. Solid pins come in many different forms, including dowel, knurled, and grooved pins. In general, solid pins are strong and relatively inflexible. They do
  • Computer Power User Article - Fit For The A/V Rack
    an all-aluminum construction that s thicker than that of the other aluminum cases in this roundup. The greater thickness adds to the overall weight but makes for a more solid feel. Zalman only used three rivets in the whole case, letting you remove almost any part of this case with a few spins
  • Adhesives
    reduce the effect of thermal-expansion differences between materials. An adhesive's continuous bond also seals against liquids or gases, provided they do not attack the adhesive. Some adhesives are used in place of solid or cellular gaskets. Some adhesive formulations can impart mechanical damping
  • Fastening Solutions for Medical Devices
    are non-critical industrial. assemblies, manufactured out of mild to hardened steel. that are manually assembled. COILED PINS: Coiled Pins were originally invented to compensate for. the deficiencies associated with Solid Pins, Slotted Pins. and other conventional fasteners such as rivets, nuts and. bolts