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  • Groovers and Slotters-Image
    Groovers and Slotters - (148 companies)
    Groovers and slotters are tools for cutting narrow grooves or slots in a workpiece. A groover is used to adjust the width of a groove and it can be unassembled if required. Slotters are tools that move back and forth to cut a workpiece which is fed... Learn More
  • Solid State Relays-Image
    Solid State Relays - (615 companies)
    ...relays are manufactured for mounting to an electrical panel. PCB relays are mounted on printed circuit boards (PCB) using through hole contacts or surface mount technology (SMT). Socket relays are mounted to PCBs using pin sockets. Specifications... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • V-ribbed Pulleys-Image
    V-ribbed Pulleys - (31 companies)
    ...with a center hole for shaft mounting. Other mounting styles for V-ribbed pulleys use set screws, keyways, welds, quick-detach (QD) hubs, taper bushing, or simple bores. There are three pulley web styles: solid, spoke, and thin or ribbed. Solid pulley webs use... Learn More
  • V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts-Image
    V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts - (377 companies)
    Description. V-belts and V-ribbed belts are power transmission drive belts with a triangular or trapezoidal cross section. They are available in a variety of belt materials, reinforcement styles, and speed configurations. Typically, V... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    V-ring Seals - (40 companies)
    ...acts like a mechanical face seal or axial slinger. The lip rides against the surface of the shaft at a right angle. V-ring seals can be used as a primary or back-up seal, as they can retain lubrications and exclude contaminates including dust, dirt... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • V-Belt Pulleys - (212 companies)
    V-belt pulleys or sheaves mate with drive belts in numerous power transmission applications. They are made in many configurations such as tension idlers and variable speed/ratio pulleys. Description. V-belt pulleys (also called vee belt sheaves... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Solid Elastomeric Rings - (110 companies)
    ...elastomeric rings are fitted to a groove that holds them tightly and securely in place between two surfaces. Products such as rubber rings need to fit securely to take up any clearance that may be present. Typically, the properties of advanced elastomers... Learn More
  • Solid and Dry Film Lubricants - (201 companies)
    Extra pressure (EP) additives include chemically active agents such as sulfur, phosphorous, or chlorinated compounds that form a film to prevent seizure, sticking or surface adhesion under high pressure conditions. Solid and dry film lubricants are also... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Solid Waste Management and Treatment Services - (667 companies)
    Solid Waste Management and Treatment Services Information. Solid waste management and solid waste treatment services collect, process, and dispose of solid waste. Typically, a solid waste management and treatment service helps municipalities... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Disks - (51 companies)
    Solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges and disks are used to clean up a sample before using a chromatographic or other analytical method to quantify the amount of analyte(s) in the sample. Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Disks Information... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Introduction to Corrosion Science
    ...magnesium, assuming that the passivity of magnesium is provided by a layer of solid Mg(OH)2. ...pits, Pickering and Frankenthal [22] observed the egress of gas bubbles from the surface of iron contained... ...crevice, the electrode potential within the crevice was measured to be –0.5 V vs. SHE [23]. R. E. Groover , J. A. Smith, and T. J. Lennox, Jr., Corrosion, 28, 101 (1972).
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  • ZASMHBA0002481
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  • Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals Processing and Applications
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  • States > Washington > State > Regulations > Title 296 - Department of Labor and Industries > [WAC 296-78] 078 - Safety Standards for Sawmills and Woodworking O...
    4) " Groover " - A cylinder-type knife (knives) similar to a planer knife (knives), used to cut grooves into the face surface of shakes or shingles. 19) "Spault catcher" - A device located on the shingle machine next to the solid feed rolls, used... ( v ) A safety catch shall be provided to prevent the track cutoff saw from leaving the track.
  • Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping
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  • Human-Machine Collaboration in Robotics: Integrating Virtual Tools with a Collision Avoidance Concept using Conglomerates of Spheres
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  • Induction heating
    ...must be used when it is necessary to concentrate the heat near the surface , as in surface... For higher frequencies, ranging up to 50,000 Hz, solid -state power supplies have replaced rotating equipment... • M. P. Groover , Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken... • G. Pivnyak, V . Bondarenko, and I. Kovalevs'ka (eds.), Technical and Geoinformational Systems in Mining, CRC Press...
  • Mechanical Engineers' Handbook Manufacturing and Management 3rd Edition Complete Document
    Groover , M. P., Automation, Production Systems and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River... Jain, V . K., and P. C. Pandey, Theory and Practice of Electro-chemical Machining, Wiley, New York... ...Forged-Plastic Parts POWDER METALLURGY 6.1 Properties of P / M Products SURFACE TREATMENT 7.1... ...processes use a remarkable property of metals—their ability to flow plastically in the solid state without concurrent...

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