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...that offers 13 CAD modules, 15 CAM modules, and 4 CAE modules, in addition to literally dozens of task-specific add-ons for mix-and-match flexibility. A midrange package developed specifically for mechanical assembly design and drafting, Solid Edge also offers add-ons targeted specifically at sheet-metal...

...user-interface improvements, detailing, assembly design, surfacing, and sheet-metal design capabilities. SolidWorks 98Plus's detailing tools make it easy to generate complete production-level engineering drawings that comply with major international standards. Users can create fully associative drawings...

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  • Benchmarking mid-range CAD tools in a diverse product environment: recommendations and results
    [7]Mid-Range Modeler Review: Part Three, CADKEY 97 R2 and HELIX MODELER, [111 Product Review:Solid Edge Vet http:Nwww.caenet,com/res/archives/9901solidedge.htm1 [121 SolidWorks 98Plus, http:llwww.caenet... Sheet Metal .
  • ZASMHBA0005535
    Should that product have any type of physical manifestation, such as sheet metal panels, a molded composite housing, or even a wooden frame, the design becomes complex enough that a modern computer-aided design (CAD) system can help. A user can also create helixes , parabolas, hyperbolas, and any other function curve that can be described... NX/Unigraphics Pro/Engineer SolidWorks Catia Inventor Rhino Alias (a) Accessed April 2010 .
  • A Parylene Bellows Electrochemical Actuator
    ...membrane and bellows was performed using FEM (Nonlinear StaticV2007 SP4 Solver, COSMOSWorks 2007, SolidWorks Co., Concord, MA... A dual-layer photoresist process was used to create an undercut sidewall profile to facilitate metal liftoff. Four 400-μm-thick silicone sheets (2 cm × 2 cm, Sylgard 184, Dow Corning, Midland, MI... ...Asheville, NC), and attached to the pump base using a laser cut (Mini/ Helix 8000, Epilog, Golden...
    Figure 15: Solidworks model depicting primary Figure 16 & 17: Redesigned screw made from sheet metal formed into screw helixes , but are also strong enough to handle the pressure created from .
  • An Exploration into Biomimicry and its Application in Digital & Parametric [Architectural] Design
    ...strong construction rationale or through different programmatic or concep- tual intents (Generative Components, CATIA, SolidWorks , Unigraphics, CADDS5). The panelized unit which is usually constructed of thin sheet metallic, polymeric or composite materials has typically... Doubly curved metal panels have continued to remain of interest to architects that desire a curved surface... A) Hydrogen bonding in alpha- helix backbone B) Image with additional side chains C) Electron density image .
  • Engineering Education and Management
    ...national talent shortage demand conditions, carry out numerical control technology, Pro/E, ANSYS, UG, Solidworks , CATIA and other... ...from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010, data from the public balance sheet and the credit... of the course; meanwhile, it will prepare them for further study of Metal Structure and Steel... c *, the helix angle β, change coefficient x, etc.) and then get all the geometry of gear.
  • Photonic cancer therapy : modulating cellular metabolism with light.
    The mechanical system was created in SolidWorks with a Some of these bundles form a sheet that covers the ciliary processes, but it currently unclear where... different metals into the core structure. helixes , with 100 atoms.
    WAOcam was designed using SolidWorks (3D modeling Software), the parts files from the designing process were also... 56 Appendix B Cryohead Drawings (CryoTiger Info Sheet ) ..................................... 3 Horizontsl metal strips Polycold System; Helix Technology Corporation.
  • Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology developed on KMCAPP platform, which is integrated with the 3D CAD models ( SolidWorks and Unigraphics NX... ...after the process sequence has been completely generated, the system cre- ates relative sheets to publish process... The automated, thermal-kinetic technique is able to treat several metals and coat them onto spatial interconnect... ...cutting wheel, the propelling movement of pushing cylin- der piston, the rotation of helix lamina in screw...
  • Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability
    Data-integrative configurators are increasingly offered by vendors of engineering systems (for example SolidWorks ® Configurations, Eplan®... It is dedicated for welding body-in-white sheets . ...a certain amount and to enhance energy security without dramatically reducing economic activity under metal resource constraints. These are tool diameter, core diameter, number of cutting edges and the helix angle.
    solid modelling software used in the design of this machine is Pro/Engineer, though SolidWorks and other high... The vast majority of the two-dimensional ( sheet ) parts for the sample machine were manufactured using an... They feature a very efficient wormgear drive using a metal double- helix worm and a conformal plastic worm gear.
  • Generative production with plastics
    Many are based of classical mechanical engineering next programs on volume models (for example ProEngineer SolidEdge, SolidWorks ). Abb. 3.47 surface model of a productively made gripper | Fraunhofer IPA Abb. 3.48 cuts... Classical constructions mostly designed for metal (spring steel, or the like) are suitable for direct conversion to... ...other hand the thread can then be used clearly öfters as the screwed spiral consists of steel.
  • Advances in Design
    Mechanical Packaging is carried out in MCAD systems (AutoCAD, SolidWorks , etc..) and involves both component design and... For example, there are only several lines, work planes, sheets , and simple solids. This model is based on the SMC Colombier Fontaine Foundry (France), from AFE Metal group [10]. meant that the helix angle had to be altered.
  • Fluid Machinery and Fluid Mechanics
    CAD ( Solidworks ) is used in the design of volutes, the blade profiles and the inlet and outlet... 2000 National Institute of Heart (NHLBI-NIH), Fact Sheet . MAX phases are compositions of metal , a intermediate material and carbon. The turbine meter consists of a helix type impeller which turns around the axis due to the...
  • 6th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB 2010). August 1-6, 2010 Singapore
    The digital im- ages of the hand statues were analyzed by SolidWorks (SolidWorks, Concord, Massachusetts, USA). The soles were covered with thin polyethylene sheet in order to prevent modification of the skin by... The heavy metal base stabi- lized the holder. ...periodicity of L=36 nm to mimic one half pitch in the double helix , inside which we...

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