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  • Sensor Sense: Ultrasonic Double-Sheet Detectors
    on the machine. Those surfaces may need a layer of sound-absorbing material. Other applications for these sensors include ultrasonic splice detection that senses a
  • Buick Lacrosse CXS
    and QuietSteel laminate on the front of dash-body area. Expanded baffles in roof pillars block those noise paths. Melt-on sound deadener is used throughout the lower body structure, while another sound absorbing material is applied throughout the engine and passenger compartments. The company says
  • Applying Acoustic Vibration Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance
    absorbing properties of. Collection. grease means a well-lubricated bearing produces less fric-. Today’s ultrasonic instruments allow greater flexibility than. tion than a bearing that lacks lubrication. As the lubricant’s. instruments from only a few years ago. Smaller, more pow-. viscosity
  • Elastomerics (.pdf)
    choice is when purchasing a brand of clothes; or ponder the "touch and feel" of one long distance golf ball over another; or marvel at the presentation of a King Tut interactive museum display. Even the tactile sensations we experience absorbing the features of a new car are influential.
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    because the upper surface of each wing is covered with microscopic scales whose incredibly complex, regular pattern interferes with incident light at certain angles, absorbing some bands of the spectrum while reflecting others. The reflected wavelengths create a powerful iridescent blue in a natural
  • Better Hearing Thanks to Laser Welding (.pdf)
    is the new cerumen. welding – is used for joining the diaphragm to the carrier. protector «SmartGuard». This uses a 15 µm thick polymer. ring. This involves connecting a joining partner that is trans-. diaphragm to protect the sound outlet from cerumen and. parent to laser radiation with an absorbing
  • Magnetic Shielding FAQs
    the application permits, we will recommend other lower cost alloys for shielding. High permeability materials are the best materials for redirecting and absorbing magnetic flux. Can I use mild steel instead?. Mild steel can shield magnetic fields and is appropriate for applications requiring a small
  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Painful, Permanent and 100% Preventable
    workers as possible. Placing machinery on rubber mountings to reduce vibration. Using sound-absorbing acoustical tiles and blankets on floors, walls and ceilings. Arranging work schedules to cut down on the time each worker spends in a noisy area. Choosing the right hearing protection. When

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