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  • Practicing Sound Medicine

    transducers are typically used for low power and higher operating voltage applications (5 to 30 VDC). As a rule, the smaller the size of the piezoelectric transducer, the higher the resonant frequency and the lower the sound level. A 15-mm diameter piezoelectric diaphragm is typically 4,000 to 6,000

  • Beeps, Bongs, Bangs, And Buzzers... Which Sound Device is Right for Your Application?

    . The sound level selected should match the application and. the surrounding environment. Care should be taken to make certain the device's tone doesn't melt into. the background noise and not be heard. • Will the product be operating under emergency conditions? If the product is responsible for. signifying

  • Environmental Noise Control Trends in Instrumentation

    level meter, but with the addition of a sampler to digitize the measured levels and record them to memory. These recording sound level meters are basically analog instruments that have the capability to record levels digitally over time. Most present-day sound level meters are based on a digital

  • Noise Level Prediction for Moore Fans

    This paper refers to the Noise Level Prediction option in the fan rating program furnished by Moore. The program will respond to your fan rating input by calculating the fan Sound Power Level (PWL) and the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at the locations shown in Fig. 1 marked "A" and "B". These totals

  • Town of Eckville Stops Pump Station Call Outs With New PSL 5.0 Pump Station Level Controllers

    sonar has become the standard level monitoring technology with the benefits of easy transducer installation and maintenance (mounted above and remote from the sewage) and modern manufacturing methods produce a highly reliable device. Air sonar uses sound pulses bounced off the liquid surface to compute

  • The Future of Noise-at-Work Laws? A Look at How Firms Comply With New EU Regs (.pdf)

    2-compliant sound level meter can be instrumental in. continuously monitoring ambient noise levels in workplaces. One model, the Extech. SL130, also provides visual alerts (flashing jumbo LEDs) to employees when sound levels exceed the maximum. noise level as defined by new EU-wide noise-at-work

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  • Re: Wiring Octal 11-pin Latching Relay

    The lubrication systems that I've seen are monitored by flow and/or pressure switches; they only utilize a level (float) switch to prevent them from running empty and to signal your equipment. There are other systems which monitor the stroke of a pneumatic plunger that pushes oil thru the metering...

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Flir Commercial Systems
Digital Sound Level Meter - 407736

Sound Level Meter - 407736 High accuracy Type 2 Meter. Provides 1.5dB accuracy. Meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards. High and Low measuring ranges Max Hold with reset button. Built-in calibration check (94dB). Analog AC/DC outputs for connection to an analyzer or recorder. Tripod mount ideal for field use. see our data sheet for complete specs

Scantek, Inc.
Sound Level Meter and Data Logger

Scantek Inc - The easy-to-use Piccolo allows professional measurement of LEQ, SEL, SPL, Lmax and Lmin. Using state of the art technology, the Piccolo is compact, lightweight, low in cost and consumes low levels of energy. Main Features. LEQ, SPL, SEL, LMAX, LMIN and Statistical analysis (L%) measurement. Single Range meter: 37 to 105 dB. From band 31 Hz to 8 kHz. FAST and SLOW mode; frequency weighting A and C. Display warnings: Lo, Hi level Limits; Low Battery and Memory Status. Data Logging...

Scantek, Inc.
SC260 Integrating-averaging sound level meter

The SC260 is a user-friendly, class 2 integrating sound level meter. It can be used as either a sound level meter or as a real time spectrum analyser in one-third octave bands and octave bands, with class 2 filters. The SC260 measures all functions simultaneously, with all frequency weightings. Among these are all the functions necessary to calculate the basic indices for the acoustic evaluation of most countries in the world: S, F and I functions, equivalent continuous levels, percentiles...