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TC7129 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided low-battery condition. A continuity output drives an annunciator on the display, and can be used with an external driver to sound an audible alarm.Overrange and underrange outputs and a range-change input provide the ability to create auto-ranging instruments.For snapshot readings,the TC7129 includes...
CAL601 Digi-Key B&K Precision Test and Measurement CLASS 1 SOUND LEVEL CALIBRATOR
735 Digi-Key B&K Precision Test and Measurement DATALOG DGTL SOUND LEV MTR RS232
AK 73X Digi-Key B&K Precision Test and Measurement SOUND LEVEL METER RS 232 INTERFA
CAL-SM Digi-Key Amprobe Test and Measurement SOUND LEVEL CALIBRATOR
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  • Sound Insulation
    Sound Insulation. Enabling readers to tackle a wide range of issues relating to sound insulation during the design and construction of a building, this book examines sound and vibration theory and its application to the measurement and prediction of sound insulation.
  • Sound Steering
    The requirement was to develop a 'standard' test for assessing the sound quality of power steering pumps in vehicles. Measurements needed to be objective so that the method would be suitable for evaluating dissimilar vehicles and different types of pump.
  • The sound of viscosity
    Sound waves can measure viscosity on the fly. Acoustic-wavesensors are the size of a quarter and can measure viscosity in real time. Compact acousticwavesensors make possible handheld viscosity meters like this BiODE eCup unit. The acoustic-wave resonator supports a standing wave, interacting
  • Handbook For Sound Engineers, Third Edition
    Handbook For Sound Engineers, Third Edition. Written by many top professionals in the field, this comprehensive reference discusses Acoustics, Electronic Components, Electro-Acoustic Devices, Audio Electronic Circuits & Equipment, Recording & Playback, Design Application, and Measurements.
  • Air-Coupled Acoustics: Sound PAT for Tablet Characterization
    determination in bilayered and multilayered tablets, active ingredient drop content measurements and micron-scale multiple layer coating thickness determination in tablets. Cetinkaya, C., Akseli, I., Mani, G.N., Libordi, C.F., Varghese, I., et al., Non-Contact Mechanical Characterization and Testing
  • True Position Measurement
    Manufacturers today realize that feature location in part design and production is crucial. In order to produce interchangeable parts in a manufacturing environment, care must be taken that the design is sound enough to allow mating parts to work correctly. Furthermore, the industrial process must
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    Many industrial ultrasonic sensors are based on the delay time measurement. As has been mentioned in the introduction, the "measurement representation" thereby is the propagation velocity of the sound in the air, which is 330 m/s under normal conditions. The sensors utilized for these functions
  • How to Choose the Right Visualization Techniques for Your Measurement System
    Data visualization is a common aspect of almost all measurement systems. From simply graphing an acquired signal to correlating measurement data with video, sound, or 3D model projection, visualization options for data acquisition (DAQ) systems are extensive. Selecting the right visualization
  • What Are dB, Noise Floor & Dynamic Range?
    Most engineers are probably familiar with or have come across the decibel or dB as a unit of measurement. Its most common use is in the field of acoustics where it is used to quantify sound levels. However, as will be explained in this article, it is also useful for a wide variety of measurements

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