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  • Space: the Fragile Frontier
    Space: the Fragile Frontier. Discussing the recognized issues of Earth orbital debris and planetary protection, this book sets them in the context of space law and ethical policies, and encourages a balance between desirable expansion into and protection of the space environment.
  • Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems
    Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems. Designed as a tutorial, this book provides a comprehensive treatment of dynamics of space systems starting with basic fundamentals, the topics range from kinematics and dynamics to more advanced celestial mechanics.
  • The Second Space Age
    Ready for a space cruise? The technology is taxiing to the runway. In 2001, the first paying passenger traveled into space aboard a Soyuz space capsule. Four short years later, proved that a private company could make space travel possible. Suddenly, space tourism didn 't seem so crazy. fired
  • Stopping leaks in space
    A University of New York at Buffalo aerospace engineer has designed a software system that will help NASA detect and find air leaks in the International Space Station. The software will be installed in NASA's mission control when the manned space station expands from its current eight-module
  • Communications in Space: A Deep Subject
    Transmitting and receiving radio signals between spacecraft in deep space is a snap compared with getting those signals back to Earth, especially when the spacecraft is 120 billion miles away. Even though we've sent spacecraft hundreds of billions of miles into space and rovers are gathering
  • Biological research in space
    technologies enable the visualizing of tissues, cells and molecules in nano-scale, and super-resolution techniques up to the scale of complete organs use the principles of diffuse optical tomography. In the second part of our 'Lasers in Space' series, we take a look at biomedical research carried out as part
  • Space Guide (.pdf)
    To support the demanding nature of space applications, TI HiRel has introduced MILPRF-38535 radiationtolerant products to our extensive qualified manufacturer listing (QML) Class V family.
  • White Space - Potentials and Realities
    White Space is the common term used. when referring to the reuse of the guard. bands (white space) in the digital TV. spectrum for the purpose of broadband. Wi-Fi (R). networking. The formal standards. for this are IEEE 802.11af (White-Fi) and. IEEE 802.22 (Wi-Far TM). There are several very

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