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  • El Paso Stripper/Cooling Tower HRVOC Analysis (.pdf)
    . WATER DRAIN. 14.5 in. STRIPPER GAS IN. (2500 mL/min). WATER OUT. DRAIN VALVE. El Paso Stripper. Star Sparger. (TCEQ Approved Standard). (TCEQ Approved). TCEQ Rule. El Paso Stripper Requirement. Analyzer Sparger Implementation. Monitor stripping air flowing through an empty stripper
  • HRVOC Analysis (.pdf)
    ). Design Life). Ionization. Chamber. Simpler. Minor (Using. Possible Residue. PID. Application. Buildup (Remedy: Sparger/Flare. Faster. Algorithms). Auto-Cal/Auto-Clean). or GC Column. Feed. More Selective (Species. Gradual Sensitivity. Response). Decrease with age. (Remedy: Auto-cal). R+hv. R++e
  • The Pitfalls of Process TOC Analysis and How To Avoid Them (.pdf)
    will suffice. minimizing cost of ownership. Figure 1 illustrates the “TOCDIRECT” method. It. indicates the physical effect of flowing a sparge. carrier gas through the INORGANIC CARBON. BASIC TOC ANALYSIS. SPARGER to strip out the dissolved CO2, created. by the acidification process to remove
  • Vent & Waste Steam Recovery
    and pressure drop to the system. Sizing the trap system for the heat exchanger is difficult to accomplish without the potential of. overloading the system with live steam. ProSonix Solution. The ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger. allows the vent steam to be utilized. in a safe and simple manner. The. Air
  • Lime Slaker Water Heating
    mentioned previously. Seasonal temperature changes require turndown capabilities beyond sparger and traditional. heating methods. PSX heater solution: A PSX heater can be installed in-line upstream of. the slaker. The tight temperature control possible. within the PSX heater allows a more uniform
  • Analytical techniques
    . Modern FID Analysers feature self-monitoring, automatic fault recognition and logging functions. Some FID Analysers include options for a sparger, or water stripper to measure volatile organics in water. While FIDs respond to all hydrocarbons, it may be possible to use a FID type hydrocarbon

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