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  • IC Package Converters and Adapters-Image
    IC Package Converters and Adapters - (43 companies)
    How to Select IC Package Converters and Adapters. Image Credit: Newark / element14 | Advanced Interconnections Corp. IC package converters and adapters are electronic interconnect devices that are used to interface different types of integrated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Timers-Image
    IC Timers - (84 companies)
    IC timers are semiconductor circuits that generate or set timing for electronic circuits. IC timers are programmable semiconductor circuits that generate or set timing for electronic circuits. These chips function as single or multi-function units... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Modems-Image
    IC Modems - (44 companies)
    IC modems enable computers to transmit data over telephone lines or via wireless signals. Modem is a contraction of the words modulator-demodulator. Since computer information is digital data and information transmitted over the telephone lines... Learn More
  • IC Interfaces-Image
    IC Interfaces - (510 companies)
    IC interfaces are semiconductor chips that are used to control and manage the sharing of information between devices. How to Select IC Interfaces. Image Credit: Newark / element 14. Integrated circuit (IC) interfaces are semiconductor chips... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Voltage Regulators-Image
    IC Voltage Regulators - (322 companies)
    ...converter chips, a third type of IC voltage regulators, also provide a regulated DC voltage output from a different, unregulated input voltage. In addition, DC/DC converters are provide noise isolation regulate power buses. For each type of IC voltage... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Interconnect Components - (397 companies)
    IC interconnect components interface or connect a microelectronic semiconductor chip to a board or larger scale device. Image Credit: Advanced Interconnections Corp. | Allied Electronics, Inc. | Keystone Electronics Corp. IC interconnect interface... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Switching Voltage Regulators - (131 companies)
    ...switch. Feedback circuitry regulates the energy transfer to maintain a constant voltage within the load limits of the circuit. Types of Voltage Regulators. There are several types of IC switching voltage regulators. Buck or step-down converters convert... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Chips - (116 companies)
    DC to AC converter chips transfer DC inputs into AC power. They are computer chips with a specific integrated circuit (IC) package type. How DC AC Converter Chips Work. DC AC converter chips create a square-form wave of output through an oscillator... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • DC-DC Converter Chips - (153 companies)
    ...and to reverse or invert voltage polarity. CUK converters use capacitive energy transfers, creating a smooth current at both sides of the converter. Charge pump converters are suitable for voltage step-up or voltage inversion in low power applications. Unlike... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Pin Probes - (22 companies)
    Image Credit: 1-Source Electronic Components. IC pin probes are used to test integrated circuits (ICs). They differ in terms of contact type or pin type. Low profile pins are standard, low-height, printed circuit board (PCB) pins. Solder tail pins... Search by Specification | Learn More
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