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  • Air-Handling With Care
    systems and specialized connectors and valves contain potent compounds, thereby minimizing worker exposure. Secondary ways to limit exposure is by using personnel protective equipment such as gowns with breathing air or purified-air powered respirators. The facilities housing potent compound processes
  • Getting Big Protection with Small Technologies
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Primarily phosphors and specialized dye molecules, these markers can be added to inks and coatings and, when analyzed under certain lighting, provide a unique fingerprint for a product. They can be administered by inkjet and other commonly used printing
  • Medical Device Link .
    A new compounding facility has 15-million-lb production capacity. A manufacturing facility producing polyethylene and polypropylene compounds used in medical applications offers updated compounding technologies. Alloy Polymers Inc. (Richmond, VA; 804/232-8000) has also adopted specialized operating
  • Managing Risk in the Manufacture of Oncology Drugs
    treatments becoming more specialized in terms of targeting molecular pathways. However, because these agents are essentially cytostatic in nature (i.e., they limit cell proliferation but do not result in a decrease in tumor mass), they will continue to be used in combination with traditional cytotoxic
  • Winning the Pharma Cap Spending Game
    will account for $43.9 billion contract research, for nearly $22 billion. "If companies feel comfortable with outsourcing, they don 't want to go into manufacturing, which requires large infrastructure and specialized talent, " says Casey. Kalorama analysts note that the trend toward large-molecule
  • Changing Pharmaceutical Industry Must Leverage Manufacturing IT
    . To become more efficient, the report contends, the drug industry must shift from monolithic, integrated corporate structures and broad, opportunistic development strategies to looser confederations of more specialized corporate entities designed to better bear the risks--and share the rewards
  • Medical Device Link . The Fundamentals of Selecting Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    types such as hot melts or spray, liquid, or light-cure adhesives. For example, hot melts are polymeric thermoplastic compounds that are applied molten and form a bond upon cooling. Hot melts require specialized equipment capable of melting and delivering the adhesive. Spray adhesives are generally
  • Lighting the 21st century
    art-glass panels and translucent vinyl stretch ceilings onto which over 9,000 ft of specialized LED lighting fixtures project one of three synchronized sound and light shows. Demonstrating the dramatic effects of LED lighting, Goodman Theatre in downtown Chicago is lit with lighting fixtures from

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