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  • Air-Handling With Care
    systems and specialized connectors and valves contain potent compounds, thereby minimizing worker exposure. Secondary ways to limit exposure is by using personnel protective equipment such as gowns with breathing air or purified-air powered respirators. The facilities housing potent compound processes
  • Titania
    Titania or rutile minerals (TiO2) are compounds consisting of titanium and oxygen. Titanates are compounds consisting of titanium, an additional cation (Ba, Al, Sr, Ca) and oxygen such as BaTiO3. Titania and titanates are usually used as additions to other refractories or for their specialized
  • Getting Big Protection with Small Technologies
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Primarily phosphors and specialized dye molecules, these markers can be added to inks and coatings and, when analyzed under certain lighting, provide a unique fingerprint for a product. They can be administered by inkjet and other commonly used printing
  • Chalcogenide Glasses
    Chalcogenide glasses contain sulphide or other chalcogenide compounds or elements such as zinc selenide or zinc sulphide. Chalcogenide glasses exhibit electrical conductivity and are used for specialized optical applications. Chalcogenides are compounds based on a metal cation and a chalcogen anion
  • Laboratory Scale and Benchtop Scales
    and specialized biochemical compounds. Usually, one person can easily and safely operate laboratory scale equipment. This category excludes facilities whose function is to produce commercial quantities.
  • Optical Ceramics and Semiconductor Ceramics
    Optical ceramics and semiconductor ceramics are specialized ceramic materials. Ceramic materials are used in fabricating and processing optical components such as lenses, windows, prisms, optical fiber and lasing materials. Single-crystal ceramics, transparent ceramics, sapphire and quartz
  • Barium Titanate (BT)
    Barium titanate (BaTiO3) is a compound consisting of titanium, oxygen and an additional cation: barium. Barium titanates are commonly used for their specialized dielectric or piezoelectric properties. Resonators are often made from barium titanate ceramics. The dielectric constant and loss tangent
  • Medical Device Link .
    A new compounding facility has 15-million-lb production capacity. A manufacturing facility producing polyethylene and polypropylene compounds used in medical applications offers updated compounding technologies. Alloy Polymers Inc. (Richmond, VA; 804/232-8000) has also adopted specialized operating

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