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  • Verify Fluid Flow to Your Analyzer and Keep Your Plant Running
    as they displace the flow path. force of the flow stream such that specific and fixed application. volume. In addition to being another area subject to clogging,. details, including the sampled fluid’s density, viscosity, they can trap previous samples or purge media which can. temperature, pressure, flow
  • Selecting the Right analyzer to Measure Heating Value in Flare Stacks
    that is proportional to the Wobbe Index. The Wobbe Index is the heating value divided by the square root of the specific gravity. A calculated (indirect) heating value measurement is provided only when an optional specific gravity meter is added. The biggest limitation to Wobbe Index is the measurement
  • HRVOC Analysis (.pdf)
    (thermopile). Calorific Value = Wobbe Index Specific Gravity. •Measures Wobbe Index*. (1% Accuracy). •Measures specific gravity. *Wobbe Index: gross heating value. Determines how quickly a gas will move through an. orifice to support a flame. Cooling Tower System. HRVOC Analyzer. Flare System
  • Medical Device Link .
    in which molecular motors are faulty, such as certain cases of infertility, and specific respiratory and digestive disorders. Kelly's nanomotor is an organic molecule made from fewer than 50 carbon atoms. Operating as a unidirectional ratchet, it is powered by carbonyl dichloride. In nature, molecular
  • Particle Size Analysis for Drilling in Petroleum Industry (.pdf)
    Diffraction. Optical Microscopy. A specific design makes it possible to perform a. 6. shape analysis with the same sample analyzed. ). by laser diffraction and to compare these two. 5. (. %. techniques (figure 7). e. 4. um. ol. The determination of particle size by laser. V 3. diffraction and optical
  • Instrumentation in Produced Water Applications
    the bottom to an oil/water separator, where oil is. extracted and shipped to refineries. Regulations require specific water quality before disposal. or reuse, so biocides such as chlorine can be added to kill. bacteria and other organics. Biocides are toxic and can. form strong emulsions, making
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) (.pdf)
    . the density (specific gravity) of the gas because the data is. caused by corrosion leaks are becoming a high. essential as a critical parameter in controlling the operation. consequence event. The Clean Air Act of 1990 has forced. of the FCC. In addition to being used to monitor the system. refiners
  • Medical Device Link . The Future Arrives for Medical Displays
    as switching elements that control critical voltage levels affecting the liquid crystal. The switches control very specific amounts of light passing through to each pixel. Tight control allows the display to be highly responsive to signals while allowing maximum light output. "Each pixel is 90- um

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