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  • Notching Specimens
    In order to do a notched Charpy test, a precise notch must be cut into the specimens. The purpose of the notch is to serve as a stress concentrator.
  • Introduction of Cross Section Specimen Preparation
    Cross Section Specimen Preparation Device Using Argon Ion Beam for SEM Cross Section Polisher (CP) SM-09010
  • Medical Specimen Transport System Success Story
    An OEM wanted to launch a solution to provide hospitals and laboratories with an automation material handling solution for transporting fragile test tube specimens within a laboratory setting. Our client required absolute cleanliness, rigorous maintenance and zero-risk safety standards for handling
  • The Use Of X-ray Diffraction To Determine The Triaxial Stress State In Cylindrical Specimens (.pdf)
    A method of determining the axial, circumferential and. radial residual stress distributions in cylindrical. specimens is described. The axial and circumferential. residual stresses are measured directly by x-ray. diffraction at the free cylindrical surface exposed by. machining
  • Structure Analysis of Fine Precipitates in Metals Using an FIB-TEM (HF-2200, FB-2000A TEM 110)
    A specimen preparation technique using FIB/TEM systems permits an excellent specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy allowing 0.1 um or thinner specimens. This technique makes it possible to check the specimen conditions during FIB milling by SEM/STEM imaging at a high voltage
  • JEM-9320FIB Product Brochure
    and achieves precise, fast milling for SEM cross sectional specimens. The JEM-9320FIB can simultaneously install the bulk specimen motor stage optimum for SEM/TEM specimen preparation from a bulk specimen, and the side-entry goniometer stage optimum for TEM specimen preparation (either one is a standard
  • Test Data for Kellett Enterprises Closed Cell Foam 3/8 (.pdf)
    Procedure: Two specimens were prepared from the submitted sample by mounting a 2"x2" section on a steel plate. Each specimen was pulled at 6 in/min. across a section of tile provided by the customer. The sample was loaded with a 200-gram weight.
  • Site-Specific 3 Dimensional Characterization Using an FIB Micro-Sampling Technique (FB-2000A, HD2000, HF-2200 STEM 7)
    , is well-known for its unique ability to make selected site-specific TEM specimens available directly from bulky samples. Failure analysis of semiconductor devices often require plan and sectional views simultaneously. Here in this Technical Data, we report on specimen preparation for plan
  • An Issue in Time to Delamination (T260) Testing for PCBs (.pdf)
    It has been reported by several laboratories that the time to delamination or decomposition of a printed circuit board specimen at 260°C decreases with the specimen thickness. A temperature gradient across the thickness of the sample within the furnace of the Thermomechanical Analyzer (TMA
  • Tension Testing of Metallic Materials (ASTM E8)
    ASTM E 8 describes tension testing methods to determine yield strength, yield point elongation, tensile strength, elongation and reduction of area of metal products. It applies to metallic materials in any form, including: sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, pipe and tube. For each of these specimen

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