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  • Spectral Range of Measurement
    . This enables a diverse range of process measurement applications. optek Light Sources: UV (Ultraviolet) - Low Pressure Mercury. Spectral Range: 254 - 313 nanometers. UV light is well suited for accurate concentration measurements of proteins, trace aromatics, hydrocarbons, chlorine, ozone, and total organic
  • Spectral Broadening and Temporal Compression of Ultrashort Pulses in a Gas Cell
    at moderately high. aperture of the system is 35 mm. For these measurements,. intensities. At extremely high intensities, self-phase. the pressure of argon in the cell was about two atmospheres. modulation leads to complex spectral profiles which are not. The 2000 mm radius of curvature mirror focuses
  • High Power Dense Spectral Combination Using Commercially Available Lasers and VHG's (.pdf)
    Kilowatt optical power from fiber-coupled high power semi-conductor lasers (HPSLs) is commercially available on the market [1]. This power level is achieved by combining the output of many lasers using State of the Art polarization combining and coarse spectral combining. Coarse spectral combining
  • Proposed Reference Solar Spectral Power Distributions for Miami andProposed Reference Solar Spectral Power Distributions for Miami and Phoenix From Three Years of Measurements
    The solar spectral power distribution (SPD) represents a critical variable in natural and artificial weathering processes. Weathering research often requires reference SPDs representative of end-use environments or worst-case in-service conditions. Uses of SPDs include comparison of different
  • Spectral Performance of Mercuric Iodide Gamma Ray Detectors at Elevated Temperatures
    sure that the sample had equilibrated at the chamber temperature before a new. measurement was made. Because of the location of the preamplifier in the testbox, the relative contributions. of the detector versus the preamplifier electronics to the temperature dependent variation in spectral
  • Extinction Cross-Section Measurements of
    In a continuing series of experiments designed to determine the spectral extinction. cross section of bacterial aerosols, two White cell transmissometers were constructed to. obtain stable, long path length measurements. A laser transmissometer at 543 nm was. used to calibrate a broadband
    and on the spectral. distribution of the irradiance. Because ground based spectral measurements are sparse, satellite. based spectral data can provide a good alternative. In this work we have compared two approaches. �� SPECTRALLY RESOLVED SOLAR IRRADIANCE DERIVED FROM. METEOSAT CLOUD INFORMATION
  • Alcohol Measurement in Beverages
    to be. quantified by their characteristic spectral information. The peak for free. alcohol is located at 9.6 µm (1042 cm-1). The InfraSpec VFA-IR. Spectrometer is a new concept in infrared instrumentation capable of. measuring a spectral range with a filter based optical system. It utilizes

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