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  • Multi-Spectral Imaging
    We report on a volume holographic imaging spectrometer (VHIS) system which allows retrieval of a scene's two-dimensional spatial information as well as its spectral information. This is performed using a transmission volume hologram and a simple rotary scanning mechanism. The system has
  • Improvements in Low Power, End window, Transmission-Target X-ray Tubes
    End-window transmission-target X-ray tubes are designed for very close anode-to-sample. coupling for compact portable XRF instruments. Several recent improvements have been. achieved to make these tubes considerably brighter, with better output stability and even smaller size and lower power
  • Thermography Enhances the Capabilities of Laser Transmission Welding (.pdf)
    . Using an FPA detector with a spectral sensitivity of 3.4 to 5 µm, the heat conduction during the welding process of flexible flat cables is monitored. The influence of copper parts within the cable on the welding properties is analyzed. A different setup offers the possibility to measure
  • Semrock VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass Filters
    Thin-film filters are the ideal solution for. wavelength selection in most optical systems due. to exceptionally high transmission (close to 100%),. very steep spectral edges, and blocking of optical. density 6 or higher over wide spectral regions for. maximum noise suppression.
  • Flat Top, Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Optical Filters Using Plasma Deposited Hard Oxide Coatings
    Thin film optical filters with ultra-narrow bandwidth, high transmission and flat spectral profiles improve optical system performance for a variety of applications such as LIDAR, laser cleanup, and instrumentation.
  • Variations in Calibrations of Radiometers Using Cut-on Optical Filters
    The spectral bandpass of infrared radiometers using thermopile detectors are often controlled with a 6µm cut-on filter. These filters normally have a cut-on tolerance of +1µm and the cut-off. wavelengths are determined by the substrate transmission, which is usually germanium or silicon
  • Advanced Topics on Erbium Doped Fibers for High Performance Amplifiers (.pdf)
    Erbium doped fiber amplifiers have been widely deployed for signal amplification in optical transmission systems. High performance amplifiers require erbium doped fiber with high power conversion efficiency and consistent flat gain spectrum. In addition, all impairments associated with EDF must
  • Shape and Refractive Index Recovery from Single-View Polarisation Images
    . into the air. The diffuse polarisation of the reflection process. is modelled using a Transmitted Radiance Sinusoid curve. and the Fresnel transmission theory. We provide a method. of estimating the azimuth angle of surface normals from the. spectral variation of the phase of polarisation

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