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We report on a volume holographic imaging spectrometer (VHIS) system which allows retrieval of a scene's two-dimensional spatial information as well as its spectral information. This is performed using a transmission volume hologram and a simple rotary scanning mechanism. The system has...

...standardization of practices, calibration of measuring tools, and extensive training of personnel. Figure 2. PC-based spectral contents analyzer system. The use of PC-based methods for measuring stress helps simplify the implementation of quality control procedures. In particular, these methods can reduce...

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PMMA 1.49 Crown glass (typical) 1.52

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Spectral data UV, IR, NMR, MS   N (verify) (what is:  Y/ N?) Except where

300 Mbps transmission with 4.6 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency...

Fabrication Colloidal Crystals on the End Face of Optical...
The transmission spectral is measured to confirm the band gap structure.

Extremely fine-pitch printing with a 10? Schwarzschild optic...
CCD camera on primary mirror objective From undulator beamline Transmission object grating Pinhole spatial filtering K-B prefocusing mirrors (for

Lateral inhomogeneities and termination in ultrathin block...

MEASUREMENTS OF TRANSMISSION OF PLASTIC Michael Ispirian, Suren Karabekyan, Reinhard Eckmann March 1997 1 Description of the setup and measurement

An ultra compact spectrometer based on the optical...
An ultra compact spectrometer based on the optical transmission through a micro interferometer array

Optically tunable long period fiber gratings utilizing a...
The spectral transmission characteristics of the long period grating are reversibly altered using sequential exposures of 355nm and 532nm, Nd:YAG

SPIE Professional: Merging Plasmonics and Silicon...
below the 20MW benchmark1, the upper bound for the per-bit consumed energy in end-to-end data transmission across the system cannot exceed 50mW/Gb/s.

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