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  • New Technology Offers Better Choices in Spectrophotometers
    Services Directory. by Michael H. Brill, Ph.D. Ten Tips for Maximum Color Measurement Performance. Although color spectrophotometers are designed to measure specimens both accurately and repeatably, they accomplish these measurements only within tolerances. Spectrophotometers aren 't perfect measuring
  • Spectrophotometers Measure Haze in Plastics (.pdf)
    Our objective is to describe a method for measuring the cloudiness or hazy characteristics of transparent colored plastic samples using Minolta's CM-3500d or CM-3700-d spectrophotometers. A sample with a hazy appearance changes the optical and/or chromatic attributes. Typically, a hazy sample
  • Vegetable Oil Refining
    Measurement. Automotive. Measuring Aluminum Brazing Flux Concentration. Biotechnology. Chromatographic Separation. Fermentation and Cell Growth Monitoring. Brewing. Brewing Yeast Management. Brewhouse Turbidity: Wort Color and Clarification. Final Beer Filtration. Color Measurements in Breweries
  • Near IR Spectroscopy in Process Analysis
    in process analysis?. Interest in NIR grew quickly in the 1980s due to the advent of fiber optics, bright light sources and sensitive detectors. NIR also solved some of the difficult sampling techniques characteristic of IR, because NIR optical paths through liquid samples may be millimeters or even
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and the color-measurement device is generally the human eye. However, the human eye is not as adept as a computer is in distinguishing subtle variations in hue and intensity, because the brain adapts to ambient light levels by correcting for variations. This is called the process of accommodation
  • Medical Device Link .
    research fields for IVD use. Examples of adaptations of traditional technologies include the gradual development of basic detection systems employing spectrophotometers. Such devices utilize general chemistry principles to detect a color change that permits the quantitation of analytes, and in turn
  • Medical Device Link . Technology News
    with a data collection rate of 80 points per second. The narrow, intense light beam provides optimal noise performance even if microcells are being used. Accessories such as heaters and probes can be supplied for Cary spectrophotometers. "One of the unique aspects of the Cary 50 is its ability to make

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