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  • Accurate Power Measurements Using Spectrum Analyzers (.pdf)
    at different fre-. Power " are taken. quencies over the resolution bandwidth of the analysis filter. (RBW). Theoretically, it is necessary to know precisely the equiva-. The soft keys of the IFR 239X series spectrum analyzers allow the. lent noise bandwidth (ENB) of each analyzer's filter
  • MA060000-AP: MA06000 Frequency Selection
    Cable; Spectrum Analyzer; PC with available LPT1 port. Setup: 1. Install software onto hard drive. User must install two files: MACOM Transmitter GUI.exe and inpout32.dll. Make sure that the inpout32.dll file is located in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. 2. Set the voltage and current limit
  • Application Note - Modal Testing on Hockey Sticks
    this data. System setup.  PC with ME’scope 5.0. and Crystal Instruments’. EDM software.  CoCo-80 4 channel. signal analyzer.  Impact hammer (IEPE. powered by CoCo).  Accelerometer (IEPE. powered).  Test structure: a hockey. stick made of graphite. epoxy. Select Appropriate Configurable
  • Medical Device Link .
    slew of new software tools have emerged that can help site designers simplify and automate the process. Eye-catching photography, audio/video streaming, 3-D imaging, and many other Web special effects are now within the grasp of any design-hungry PC user. Indeed, given that every device firm
  • Characterizing mixed-signal DSP Designs with SigLab
    “evaluation boards” are readily. Figure 1 shows the interconnections. available from all DSP chip suppliers at very. between the host PC, EVM, and the SigLab. reasonable cost. These boards typically. 50-21 Dynamic Signal Analyzer. The EVM. come with an analog I/O subsystem,. is connected to the host PC via
  • Trans Fatty Acid Analysis
    on. The mid-infrared region of the infrared spectrum, especially the “fingerprint. region” (1800 – 900 cm-1) is very useful for identifying materials. Organic. functional groups, such as trans fat have characteristic absorption bands in. this region that allow them to be quantified by their characteristic
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    of emission of and immunity against. radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances as well as design practices for electromagnetic. compatibility. Projects include a radio-frequency spectrum analyzer, near-field. H-field and E-field probes, comb generator, conducted emissions probe, line impedance
  • Advances in Testing Embedded Systems
    is presenting the latest release of... June 's Features Online. June Special Report. By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor. Spectrum Analyzers Get Real. As DSP encroaches into analog RF circuits, real-time analysis has become a subset of modern spectrum/signal analyzers. June Special Report. By Rick

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