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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ULTRASPECTRUM Allied Electronics, Inc. RIGOL Not Provided Software for DSA1000/DSA1000A spectrum analyzers.

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  • Medical Device Link .
    methods for measuring total serum bilirubin can vary by more than 17% within and across laboratories. Noninvasive bilirubin analyzers eliminate the need to draw blood while producing more-accurate results. These devices rely on miniature spectrometers to quantify the optical spectrum reflected from
  • Fuel Cell Technology Primer (.pdf)
    This application note will describe the various fuel cell technologies and highlight the role that Thermo analyzers can play in their development. ./3d32f19d-66ec-43c0-a79e-da475cb966c8 Fuel Cell Technology Primer. Introduction. Fuel cell research has recently become a high-profile endeavor
  • Monitoring Reciprocating Gas Compressors with 4-20 mA LPS Vibration Sensors
    in vibration analysis. Many attempts have been made to automate the process through which vibration. signals are analyzed to pinpoint a machine fault. Detailed diagnostic vibration analysis. is often performed using portable spectrum analyzers that implement Fast Fourier. Transform (FFT
  • Winning the Pharma Cap Spending Game
    By Agnes Shanley with Nancy Bartels, Contributor Automation needs are also driving spending, particularly for analyzers, says Dan Hebert, senior technical editor for Putman Media 's Automation Group. For the AutomationXchange program, Hebert recently interviewed a broad spectrum of pharma
  • Medical Device Link . The future of automation in clinical laboratories
    to specimen processing. In this way, it is easier to load the analyzer racks, communicate with the LIS for test menus and results, and then unload the racks. Consolidating broader testing menus on a minimum number of analyzers also reduces aliquoting and relabeling steps. Automation vendors
  • Trans Fatty Acid Analysis
    ) that is combined. with a 128 pixel detector array. The result is an infrared analyzer that, unlike an FTIR spectrometer, has no moving. parts and an insignificant optical air path. This makes for a portable, rugged analyzer suitable for use in a field. environment or a laboratory. The custom software
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    of emission of and immunity against. radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances as well as design practices for electromagnetic. compatibility. Projects include a radio-frequency spectrum analyzer, near-field. H-field and E-field probes, comb generator, conducted emissions probe, line impedance
  • Medical Device Link .
    to the sterilizer hardware and control software, the scope of process-gas analysis can be expanded from simply monitoring headspace gases to actually controlling the addition and maintenance of process-gas concentrations. A data feedback loop, where concentration data from the analyzer are ported directly

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