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  • Low-Cost DC Motor Speed Control with CMOS ICs
    Two low-cost CMOS ICs manage a 12 VDC, current-limited speed control circuit for DC brush motors. The circuit design (see Figure 1) uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to chop the effective input voltage to the motor. Use of CMOS devices gives the benefits of low power, minimal heat and improved
  • Linear Voltage Fan Speed Control Using Microchip's TC64X Family
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan speed control methodology pulse-width modulates a fan's full-rated power supply voltage at a low frequency, typically 30 Hz. A typical PWM circuit, consisting of a transistor in series with a fan, can be small and inexpensive because it is either fully
  • Medical Device Link . Protecting Circuits against Electromagnetic Threats Case shielding, circuit filtering, and cable protection are keys to meeting new electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
    sparked the development of effective hardening methods. The key often lies in the printed circuit board (PCB) layout and internal interconnect choices. Thinking about transmission line and high-frequency impedance control methods, even when designing low-frequency analog circuits, can result
  • Application Note - 3 Set Speeds of Operation
    DART CONTROLS DC motor speed controls can be configured for field selectable 3 set speeds of operation by connecting a. switch in the potentiometer circuit. The 3 set speeds are as follows: Valid For Models: Any DART CONTROLS motor. control with an adjustable speed. potentiometer. SCR Series: 500
  • - Circuits
    to mains wiring unless there are suitable readio frequency interference (RFI) filter built into the circuit. Circuits which start in the middle of the phase are used in light dimmer and motor speed control applications. Different types of optocouplers for triggering triac The non-zero-crossing
  • Speed Error in PWM Fan Control Systems
    Brushless DC fan (BDC) speed can be varied using pulse-width modulation (PWM). The typical PWM control scheme inserts a power switch in series with the fan, as shown in Figure 1. In such applications, an increase in the active duty cycle causes a corresponding increase in fan speed (i.e., fan speed
  • Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits
    Sensors are a critical component in a motor control system. They are used to sense the current, position, speed and direction of the rotating motor. Recent advancements in sensor technology have improved the accuracy and reliability of sensors, while reducing the cost. Many sensors are now
  • Laser Marking Of Integrated Circuits
    to. Integrated Circuits (ICs) represent a significant. the high stability of the laser and the tight control. output of the semiconductor and electronics. of the motion of the beam the quality of the mark. industries. The active electronic parts are. can be accurately controlled. Line widths from

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