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  • AC Line Voltage Transients and Their Suppression (.pdf)
    the transient suppressor. fast-rise transient spike appears on the. and the line upon which it is travelling in a. system the voltage across the protected. These three categories represent the major-. way which is determined by their two. load can rise to damaging levels before. ity of locations from
  • Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples (.pdf)
    (kVA). Add a varistor to the transformer secondary. M. M. 480V. = 0.872H. Figure 7. Magnetizing current of transformers with high sili-. to clamp the transformer inductive transient. = 1.46A. 2. con steel core or square loop core. i. =. i. 0.872(2.06 ). voltage spike. Select the lowest voltage. M. 2
  • Customization to Suppress EMI in DC Motors
    re-inverts one input and adds the voltage in the lines, effectively. canceling electromagnetic interference (EMI). Therefore, if a +1V noise spike enters the 5V system, the lines. would carry 6V and 1V for the duration of the spike, then the receiver would invert the 1V input and detect
  • Position and Movement Sensor Glossary
    just release. Diode Suppression: An internal diode in parallel with the reed relay coil used to protect the circuitry powering the relay from the voltage spike generated from the coil when it is deactivated. Electrostatic Shield: Used to reduce any noise or electrostatic coupling that may occur
  • Medical Device Link .
    blood therapy, IV, and enteral feeding sets. Catheter vents, spike vents, transducer protectors, vented IV bacterial filters, check valves, transfer filters, and needleless connectors are provided by the ISO 9001 certified company. Filtertek B.V., Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Air filters
  • Application Note: Common Causes for Stepper Drive Failures
    the motor at a maximum of 20,000 pulses per second. Pulse rates of above 60,000 pulses per second can damage the drive. Avoid putting Pulse rates into the driver above 60,000 pulses per second. PROBLEM Stalling the motor. SOLUTION In some cases, stalling the motor causes a large voltage spike
  • A Comparison of Typical UPS Designs in Today's Markets
    can support, the UPS. . 4-6 ms transfer time. switches to battery power, usually within a few. . Spike and surge protection components degrade. mil iseconds. Since the majority of electronic equipment. over time. today is able to continue operating without power for a. Alpha Technologies Ltd
  • How to Prevent Pressure Transducer Failures
    . 3. Fluorescent Lighting. Fluorescent lighting can also be a problem for a pressure transducer. Fluorescent lamps require an initial high voltage to start the electrical. arc through the argon and mercury, which heats the mercury until it. becomes a gas. This initial voltage spike presents

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