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Parts by Number for Spindle Motor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
E30MF2X7 PLC Radwell Stanley Tools, Spindle RETRACTABLE SPINDLE MOTOR
EMT2003R612 PLC Radwell Itd Tools, Spindle RETRACTABLE SPINDLE MOTOR
R911253652 PLC Radwell Bosch Not Provided SPINDLE MOTOR
R911253652 PLC Radwell Rexroth Not Provided SPINDLE MOTOR
TPIC1502DW National Microchip Texas Instruments Not Provided SPINDLE MOTOR DRIVER
1PH71632NF300BC0 PLC Radwell Siemens Not Provided 1PH7 AC SPINDLE MOTOR
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  • CD (R) Couplings Provide Needed Misalignment Capability in New Tri-Turn, Multi-Spindle Screw Machine Operating at 5000 RPM; Heat and Vibration Eliminated
    . To connect each drive assembly with a corresponding counter-spindle assembly, a Zero-Max CD model 6A45C Coupling is employed. Each counter spindle connects via the coupling to a splined shaft, which connects to a 7-1/2 HP spindle motor powering each counter-spindle. Tri-Turn Multispindle screw machine
  • Spindle on Personal CNC goes digital with Commander SK
    at low speed that allows large. the most nagging, and therefore costly support issues. diameter drills to be effectively used. involved the analog AC drive used for the spindle motor. Other Benefits to Customers, and Tormach. The problem was repeatability – analog devices are subject. The addition
  • WD Bearings Application: Electric Motors
    . A stepper motor is an electromechanical device which converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movements. The shaft or spindle of a stepper motor rotates in discrete step increments when electrical command pulses are applied to it in the proper sequence. The stepper motors are good
  • Medical Device Link .
    rotary tables. Speeds up to 250 rpm are possible on the rotation axis and up to 150 rpm on the swivel axis, with a swivel range of +-110 . A concrete polymer base provides rigidity, vibration dampening, and high thermal stability. Spindle motors are liquid cooled with hybrid ceramic ball bearings
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    . Horizontal and vertical travel or stroke is limited only by the spindle length. The actuator will not overrun and does not require a brake for vertical stops. In addition to metric leadscrews, acme screws with 5- and 20-mm pitches are available. They can achieve speeds up to 400 mm/sec. Nanotec
  • Micro-Stepper Motors Bring Pictures into Focus
    on the accuracy of positioning. The problem of inaccuracies due to "play " in the mechanics was solved by Precistep by using a spindle with micro-toothing. With a pitch of 0.2 mm and in conjunction with the built-in motors, it allows a resolution of 10 mm. Both focus and zoom are set absolutely
  • Motors Continue to Operate in Antarctic -120°F Temperatures
    Contact. Products. Overview. Brushed DC motors. Brushless DC motors. Gear. Spindle drives. Sensors. Control electronics. Compact drives. Ceramic. Online Catalog/e-Shop. Modular System explained. Selection explained. Selection Program. Configure. Company. About maxon motor. Facts & Figures
  • Motor Eliminates Cogging Torque for Ultra Smooth Servo Track Writer
    application the spindle nose deviation error of 0.15-micro-inch (3.81 nanometers) was unacceptably high. While looking for a solution, we discovered a new slotless BLDC motor technology without wire windings developed by ThinGap, Inc., which minimizes cogging torque and torque ripple to deliver extremely