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  • A recipe for A Slick Design
    setting selected. Subjects may also test how low-friction coatings improve operation of latches, cranks, slides, and other mechanical mechanisms. The large spline shaft in an automotive drive was designed to let the drive shaft slip forward and aft slightly as the rear wheels undulate over bumps
  • Rotary Actuators
    , the outer spline engages the ring gear and causes sleeve rotation. At the same time, the inner spline engages another set of helical teeth on the output shaft. This causes relative shaft rotation in addition to that of the piston sleeve. increase helix angle and reduce actuator length by replacing
  • Where die casting makes "cents "
    two components in two separate operations, and then press fitting the assembly together with a spline engagement. Additionally, there were concerns about inconsistent runout and whether gear teeth could be positioned with enough relative accuracy. Powdered-metal processes were another possibility
  • Waterslide Simulator
    , Vancouver, Wash., to manage and synchronize the actuators. The controller ensures smooth movements by executing special instructions called spline functions. Splines create smooth curves between target points so there are no discontinuities in the motion, which riders would feel as unacceptable bumps out
  • Sometimes it pays to be eccentric
    the flexspline, center, with the circular spline in two regions on opposite sides of the ellipse's major axis. Harmonic-drive pancake gears from Harmonic Drive Technologies, a Peabody, Mass., harmonic-gear manufacturer, are nearly flat for applications that require high reduction ratios in small packages