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  • Thermal spray: Better performance for less
    . Thermal-spray coatings of metallic, carbide, ceramic, or cermet material are said to perform as well or better than parts produced in the same materials for a significantly lower investment. Thermally coated parts are also more resilient where extreme heat, wear, or corrosion can degrade conventional
  • Tablet Coating: Optimizing Spray Gun Performance
    Tablet coating systems are designed and calibrated for specific applications. When there are changes to the application, you must re-evaluate the coating system, including its spray guns. This article describes how to evaluate spray gun performance and how to improve and maintain that performance
  • Coat Instruction for NdFeB (.pdf)
    Acemade has been researching and developing advanced surface protection technology of NdFeB coating. We can. provide you with high quality coatings and platings of Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Epoxy, Aluminum Spraying, IVD Aluminum, etc. The excellent coatings provide the magnets high resistance of salt
  • Thermal spray: Better performance for less
    as well. Especially companies in the automotive, telecom, and kitchen and bath fixture businesses are increasingly using plastics to replace metals as a way to reduce weight and cost. Coatings suppliers and platers are shortening production processes and perfecting chemistries to better coat acrylonitrile
  • SmartMoves TM Spotlights: Ultrasonic Systems (.pdf)
    than other spray technologies. It also uses less material than other methods because it puts down a thinner coat.
  • Medical Device Link .
    More than 50 stent manufacturers are using an ultrasonic coating system from Sono-Tek (Milton, NY; ). Users of the Medi Coat equipment report holding coat consistency within 3% and transfer efficiencies of 30% to 70%. With older spray processes or dip coating, variations range from 5 to 7%
  • Computer Power User Article - Mad Reader Mod
    is spray it on as one thin coat and let it dry. The spray creates the crystalline look all by itself. The only downside is that it s not permanent, it can be scratched off with a fingernail. McCracken used an 83mm punch bit to cut the holes for the intake fans at the bottom of the system.
  • Progressive Cavity Pump Reduces Discharge Times and Maintenance for Chemical Plant
    A damping coat improves the cabin environment. It is applied to the floors in automobiles. to reduce vibration and road noise. Previous methods of manually attaching an asphalt sheet as a. sound barrier have been replaced with automatic spraying the damping coat directly to the vehicle's. floor

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