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Parts by Number for Spray Coater Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1475Q Digi-Key Hammond Manufacturing Boxes, Enclosures, Racks SPRAY FILTER COAT
100009000 ASAP Semiconductor PLASTIC COAT SPRAY Not Provided 200ML

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  • Web Coaters and Roll Coaters
    the moving web. Other web coating and roll coating technologies include extrusion or slot die coaters, spray coaters and curtain coaters. Narrow web, wire or reel-to-reel coaters are included in this category. Reel-to-reel or narrow web products include wire, lead frames, connectors, mechanical cable
  • Thermal Spray Gas Flow Contol
    flame characteristics and gas mix ratios. As opposed to volumetric flow devices like rotameters and critical orifices, thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) are relatively unaffected by changes in pressure and temperature --which routinely occur over an operation run of a thermal spray coater
  • Non-Bearding Two-Fluid Spray Nozzle Design for Tablet Coating Applications
    Two-fluid spray nozzles used in tablet coaters are prone to collect deposits on the nozzle exit orifice, this phenomenon is known as bearding. Bearding effects the droplet size distribution, which has a direct effect on the process quality and reproducibility. The purpose of this work is to develop
  • Latest experiences of film coating
    LATEST EXPERIENCES OF FILM COATING AND INTRODUCTION OF A NEW CONTACTLESS OPTISPRAY COATING METHOD Metso Paper Inc., Coaters and Reels, W artsil ankatu 100, 04400 J arvenp a a, Finland coating, MSP, layout, C2S, 2C1S, runnability, misting, web stealing, base paper, coating coverage, spray coating
  • New low impact paper
    was shown to be possible via airless high-pressure spray technology. Board was coated first. It seemed almost possible to replace the air knife with the new spray technology. On the other hand, the trend has been to replace the air knives with blade coaters because the runnability of the blade coater
  • Powder Chemistries
    to hold up well to chemical exposures, salts and other normally corrosive exposures that other coatings have a hard time combating. One of the primary functions of epoxy powder coating materials is to add a strong protective primer layer under a polyester coating to dramatically increase salt spray
  • Medical Device Link .
    More than 50 stent manufacturers are using an ultrasonic coating system from Sono-Tek (Milton, NY; ). Users of the Medi Coat equipment report holding coat consistency within 3% and transfer efficiencies of 30% to 70%. With older spray processes or dip coating, variations range from 5 to 7%
  • Medical Device Link . The Fundamentals of Selecting Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    types such as hot melts or spray, liquid, or light-cure adhesives. For example, hot melts are polymeric thermoplastic compounds that are applied molten and form a bond upon cooling. Hot melts require specialized equipment capable of melting and delivering the adhesive. Spray adhesives are generally