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  • Forensic chemical-elucidation of crime with chemical methods
    A corresponding attempt - about the impression of a shoe impression in sand after preceding fixation with hair spray or spraying lacquer - is to carry out simply and becomes represented here not in detail.
  • Manual of the surface treatment concrete
    Also a typical graffiti- spraying lacquer on alkyd resin base could to be removed relatively well (images 10.33 and 10.34), but the necessary processing duration was about 5 once as big as by the bitumen paint.
  • Digital factory
    In spraying lacquer processes stand for the accessibility of positions difficult to access, the distribution of the color application as well as the Verwirbelung of the lacquer cloud in the simulation focus.
  • Repetition and recess course Strafrecht
    A completed thing damage on a flash installation or on a light image fails on it that isn't informed that the spraying lacquer has really affected on, e.g., a speed or distance measurement.
  • Political communication in the urban space at the example graffiti
    Graffiti reach after millet country / cutter "potentially each", as soon as it is about sheer bearing ratios (cf. millet country / cutter 1990: 136) i.e. when the for example private house walls through spraying lacquer are contaminated.
  • Practice forensic medicine
    Find pot and socket cleaner the use inter alia the hair sprays, deodorants, insect or defrosting sprays and spraying lacquers .
  • Machine tools 4
    The surface must then be covered with a matt spraying lacquer .
  • Material customer
    Punk protection: application of spraying lacquer on the kaltgeformte raw part, a 6...7 μm thick Nanokomposit of glass, polymer and Al.
  • The new in economy and management
    So, a manufacturer of spraying lacquers became eventually the fact consciously that its real Lead User not under the craft masters the Anstreich or vehicle of industry, but in the scene the are to find the graffiti sprayer.
  • Measurably measure to make
    The environmental sparing end to use lacquers: Water-soluble lacquers and glazes, no spraying lacquers , adhesive on water base.