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Parts by Number for Spray Gun Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SP-352 Global Industrial California Air Tools, Inc. Not Provided Sprayit Gravity Feed Spray Gun With Aluminum Swivel Cup Sp-352, 60 Max Psi, 1.5mm Dia. Nozzle
SP-34000 Global Industrial California Air Tools, Inc. Not Provided Sprayit Lvlp Mini Gravity Feed Aluminum Forged Spray Gun Sp-34000, 60 Max Psi, 1.0mm Dia. Nozzle
SP-33000 Global Industrial California Air Tools, Inc. Not Provided Sprayit Lvlp Gravity Feed Spray Gun Sp-33000, 60 Max Psi, 1.3mm Dia. Nozzle
P2350S Global Industrial Gxi Outdoor Power Llc Not Provided Stanley 2350 Psi 5 Hp 2.3 Gpm Gas Pressure Washer W/ Variable Spray Gun
41.0296 Global Industrial MTM Hydro Inc. Not Provided Mtm Hydro 3200 Psi M407 Pressure Washing Gun Kit With Hobby Hose And Spray Wand
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  • Rotary Spray Guns
    Rotary spray guns or applicators use a rapidly spinning cup/bell or flat disc to project powders or atomize paint. rotary cup or bell rotary applicators produce a fan pattern, which is closer to a nozzle spray gun. A rotating head that is shaped to deliver paint forward in a circular pattern
  • Tablet Coating: Optimizing Spray Gun Performance
    Tablet coating systems are designed and calibrated for specific applications. When there are changes to the application, you must re-evaluate the coating system, including its spray guns. This article describes how to evaluate spray gun performance and how to improve and maintain that performance
  • Precision Production Vises for VMC Applications
    Rimrock manufactures industrial spray equipment, including several handheld spray guns that require machined castings for the bodies. These castings were machined on a Brother (R) TC 229 vertical machining center (VMC) using a progressive, manually loaded fixture that finished one spray gun per
  • Thermal Spray Gas Flow Contol
    . This capability in turn helps produce a higher quality, more uniform coating. Objectives Provide precise, stable flow rates and oxygen/fuel mix ratios to thermal spray flame. Achieve controlled ignition without "popping " and "flame-out ". Consistent powder feed to the gun with controlled carrier gas
  • Improved Quality, Reduced Cost and Cycle Times (.pdf)
    Plasma spraying, a thermal spray technology, is a proven materials processing technique for producing coatings and freestanding parts using a plasma jet. The first plasma-spray gun was introduced in the early 1960s. By taking a fresh view at the design of a 40-year old product, Sulzer Metco
  • A Guide to Spray Technology for Die Lubrication
    Lubrication applications have their own unique requirements and specifications. To satisfy specific requirements, a variety of systems, nozzles and gun types are commercially available. When choosing the product for your application, you should consider relevant spray characteristics such as spray
  • The Effect of HVOF Thermal Spray on the Elevated Temperature High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Martensitic Stainless Steel (.pdf)
    Thermal spray coatings, of which HVOF is one, are an important enabling technology used to enhance the performance of materials in a diverse range of industrial applications. One area which has received relatively little attention is the effect of thermal spray coatings on the elevated temperature
  • Peterbilt Batching Application
    Mini-Flowmeter and Flowstar Batch Controller were installed just outside the paint booth. Manufacturer set Flowstar 2007 to close a valve after 31.5 ounces of solvent have been dispensed via a spray gun. The operator is then required to press a reset button in the paint booth before the next chassis
  • Rotary Systems Rotating Gas Union Contributes to Reduce Fuel Consumption
    that applies a composite coating on a the internal surfaces of the engine cylinder bores. The PTWA process uses air and electricity to create a plasma jet, which melts a steel wire that is fed into a rotating spray gun. Rotary Systems rotating gas union is an integral component of the main housing

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