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Parts by Number for Spray Gun Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SP-352 Global Industrial California Air Tools, Inc. Not Provided Sprayit Gravity Feed Spray Gun With Aluminum Swivel Cup Sp-352, 60 Max Psi, 1.5mm Dia. Nozzle
SP-34000 Global Industrial California Air Tools, Inc. Not Provided Sprayit Lvlp Mini Gravity Feed Aluminum Forged Spray Gun Sp-34000, 60 Max Psi, 1.0mm Dia. Nozzle
SP-33000 Global Industrial California Air Tools, Inc. Not Provided Sprayit Lvlp Gravity Feed Spray Gun Sp-33000, 60 Max Psi, 1.3mm Dia. Nozzle
P2350S Global Industrial Gxi Outdoor Power Llc Not Provided Stanley 2350 Psi 5 Hp 2.3 Gpm Gas Pressure Washer W/ Variable Spray Gun
41.0296 Global Industrial MTM Hydro Inc. Not Provided Mtm Hydro 3200 Psi M407 Pressure Washing Gun Kit With Hobby Hose And Spray Wand
P2750S Global Industrial Gxi Outdoor Power Llc Not Provided Stanley 2750 Psi 6.5 Hp 2.5 Gpm Gas Pressure Washer W/ Variable Spray Gun
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  • Rotary Spray Guns
    Rotary spray guns or applicators use a rapidly spinning cup/bell or flat disc to project powders or atomize paint. rotary cup or bell rotary applicators produce a fan pattern, which is closer to a nozzle spray gun. A rotating head that is shaped to deliver paint forward in a circular pattern
  • Tablet Coating: Optimizing Spray Gun Performance
    Tablet coating systems are designed and calibrated for specific applications. When there are changes to the application, you must re-evaluate the coating system, including its spray guns. This article describes how to evaluate spray gun performance and how to improve and maintain that performance
  • Precision Production Vises for VMC Applications
    Rimrock manufactures industrial spray equipment, including several handheld spray guns that require machined castings for the bodies. These castings were machined on a Brother (R) TC 229 vertical machining center (VMC) using a progressive, manually loaded fixture that finished one spray gun per
  • Thermal Spray Gas Flow Contol
    . This capability in turn helps produce a higher quality, more uniform coating. Objectives Provide precise, stable flow rates and oxygen/fuel mix ratios to thermal spray flame. Achieve controlled ignition without "popping " and "flame-out ". Consistent powder feed to the gun with controlled carrier gas
  • Improved Quality, Reduced Cost and Cycle Times (.pdf)
    Plasma spraying, a thermal spray technology, is a proven materials processing technique for producing coatings and freestanding parts using a plasma jet. The first plasma-spray gun was introduced in the early 1960s. By taking a fresh view at the design of a 40-year old product, Sulzer Metco
  • A Guide to Spray Technology for Die Lubrication
    Lubrication applications have their own unique requirements and specifications. To satisfy specific requirements, a variety of systems, nozzles and gun types are commercially available. When choosing the product for your application, you should consider relevant spray characteristics such as spray
  • The Effect of HVOF Thermal Spray on the Elevated Temperature High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Martensitic Stainless Steel (.pdf)
    Thermal spray coatings, of which HVOF is one, are an important enabling technology used to enhance the performance of materials in a diverse range of industrial applications. One area which has received relatively little attention is the effect of thermal spray coatings on the elevated temperature
  • Peterbilt Batching Application
    Mini-Flowmeter and Flowstar Batch Controller were installed just outside the paint booth. Manufacturer set Flowstar 2007 to close a valve after 31.5 ounces of solvent have been dispensed via a spray gun. The operator is then required to press a reset button in the paint booth before the next chassis
  • Rotary Systems Rotating Gas Union Contributes to Reduce Fuel Consumption
    that applies a composite coating on a the internal surfaces of the engine cylinder bores. The PTWA process uses air and electricity to create a plasma jet, which melts a steel wire that is fed into a rotating spray gun. Rotary Systems rotating gas union is an integral component of the main housing

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