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Parts by Number for Spring Contact Probes Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
GSS-10-3.8-G ASAP Semiconductor INTERCONNECTIONPRODINC Not Provided Spring Contact Probe; Connector Type:Spring Probe; Current Ratin
F62001S120L075 ASAP Semiconductor FEINMETALL Not Provided PROBE, SPRING CONTACT; Connector Type:Spring Probe; Series:F620;
F70229B130G130 ASAP Semiconductor FEINMETALL Not Provided PROBE, SPRING CONTACT; Connector Type:Spring Probe; Series:F702;
F11109S090N085 ASAP Semiconductor FEINMETALL Not Provided PROBE, SPRING CONTACT; Connector Type:Spring Probe; Series:F111;
S5H16.4G ASAP Semiconductor INTERCONNECTIONPRODINC Not Provided SPRING CONTACT PROBE, PCB; Connector Type:Spring Probe; Current
P253226 ASAP Semiconductor Harwin Not Provided PROBE, TAPERED CROWN CONTACT; Connector Type:Spring Probe; Serie
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  • Test Probes Spring Force Considerations (.pdf)
    When selecting probe spring force for vacuum fixtures, consider these factors: 1) Total probe spring force. 2) Condition of contact surfaces. 3) Distribution of probes across the probe field
  • Spring Pin Socket User Manual
    balls from the IC package come in contact with the crown end of spring pin. The bottom end of. spring pin contacts the circuit board pad, completing an electrical path for the signal. The socket. mechanism can be summarized as a downward force applied on the IC which compresses solder balls
  • Available Temperature Sensors, Probes & Connectors
    and diameters. Surface sensors with flat. Surface sensor with spring-. measuring tip. type thermocouple band. For measurements on good. For quick measurements, also. heat conductors, on even and. on non-plain surfaces. plain surfaces. Immersion probes. Sensors with heat-resistant. For measurements
  • Calculating X Probe Termination Heights (.pdf)
    Probe Termination Pin set height is a critical factor in the performance and life of the X Probe. When set too low, the X Probe is under-stroked, reducing the contact force and the X Probe's ability to penetrate surface contaminants. When set too high, the X Probe is over-stroked, resulting
  • Medical Device Link .
    Surface-mount header assemblies are an alternative to straight-pin and turned-pin headers. The spring probes used i n the assemblies are said to provide significantly more contact resiliency than conventional headers. With six contacts per header, the components are suitable for applications
  • Medical Device Link .
    arrangement is available for high-reliability applications such as medical equipment. Spring-probe contacts are screw machined and provide a redundant current path. They are rated for up to 5000 mating cycles. For fewer mating cycles, a screw-machined precision pin-and-socket contact system is available
  • Medical Device Link .
    designed by Intuitive Surgical (Mountain View, CA) to perform minimally invasive surgery. "The da Vinci creates three small punctures between the patient's ribs and sends in probes," explains Cannon design engineer Jim Moore. "One probe is fitted with a camera, and two others have fingerlike devices
  • Understanding Non Repeat
    Miniature LVDT (DFg Series). Analogue Gauging. Analogue Gauging Probes (Spring Push). Analogue Automatic Probes (Pneumatic). Analogue Specialist Probes (AU, BG). Analogue Flexure (AU). Analogue Block Gauge (BG). G-Series. Analogue Miniature Probe (AM). Gemco Magnetostrictive Transducers