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  • Apparatus for treating meat products prior to packaging.
    Compression is accomplished by passing square or rectangular portions of meat, such as hams, along a continuous conveyor and compressing the portions between a pair of rollers having blunt teeth (above the conveyor) and corresponding spring loaded tension plates pressing against the...
  • Reduction of the noise characteristics of production equipment in shops making flat-rolled products
    New designs proposed for the roller- conveyor rollers provide the rollers with movable noise-damping collars, while a new design of dis- mantlable circular saw with spring - loaded disk-shaped blades reduces noise during saw opera- tion and significantly improves saw life...
  • Control Systems Theory and Applications for Linear Repetitive Processes
    Roller conveyors achieve this by slipping or using spring loaded clutches that disengage from the drive when the load becomes too high.
  • Defects in the plan for supplying sinter to blast-furnace bunkers by conveyors
    To rectify the shortcomings of the projected conveyor system, the number of transfers should be reduced, spring -mounted roller supports should be provided at the points where sinter ks loaded -off onto the belt, and re- volving brush cleaners .should be provided...
  • Maynard’s Industrial Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition > MATERIAL HANDLING
    A flat belt live roller conveyor makes use of a narrow flat belt running under the driven rollers between a drive roller and a take-up roller (a spring - loaded roller used to regulate belt tension).
  • Equipment Round Up: Conveyors
    The Taperhex Black shaft design for the 1700 Series conveyor roller features an easy-to-install, double spring - loaded tapered hexagonal shuttle that is pressed into the profile holes of the roller for a secure and safe fit.
  • Apple Orientation on Two Conveyors: Performance and Predictability Based on Fruit Shape Characteristics
    OrientedCommercialGolden Del.4431244360McIntosh4444010100Fuji4141144370Rome4443043430Gala442910531Jonagold1414044430Crispin2521144303Cortland4444022220Empire4442018180Granny Smith2213144283Red D. East4421744311Red D. West4414444044Total4543446640630152Experimental Conveyor The experimental device consisted of a free-spinning plastic cone with a concave surface and a flat vertical disk on a common shaft, parallel to a cylindrical padded roller on a second shaft... Both the flat disk and cone were spring - loaded with compression springs toward each other, allowing movement along their common shaft, to compensate for different-sized fruit.
    ...incorporate a medium-sized roller mounted opposite the anvil and material slide (or passive conveyor - style belt). The roller mounting should be spring - loaded in order to accommodate varying load geometries, but with a maximum clearance of about 1/2".
  • Equipment Round-Up: Material handling
    The popular 1700 Series universal conveyor roller is now available with Taperhex shaft design. The double spring - loaded design allows the tapered hexagonal shaft to fit snugly into side-frame mounting holes, regardless of size or condition.
  • Device for pickling meat pieces.
    The machine for pickling pieces of meat comprises a conveyor which feeds the meat pieces through a gap between pairs of spiked rollers . 2 rollers are mounted on a spring loaded bracket on each side of the gap; the hubs carrying the needles revolve on a stationary hollow spindle which supplies the brine into the gap between hub bore and spindle.