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  • Power Springs and Spring Motors-Image
    Power Springs and Spring Motors - (28 companies)
    Power springs and spring motors are rotational-drive springs that are wound tightly and mounted on an arbor. They are used in applications such as retractable reels, tape measures, and retracting seat belts. Power Springs and Spring Motors... Learn More
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    Door Closers - (87 companies)
    ...and accessibility. Selection Criteria. When selecting a door closer there are several factors to consider, including sizing, mounting, application, and appearance. Multiple spring sizes are available to accommodate different sized and weight doors... Learn More
  • Door Operators-Image
    Door Operators - (176 companies)
    Door operators are devices used to open and close all types of doors or gates. These operators can be powered by a variety of power sources such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic devices. Door operators are used to open and close all types... Learn More
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    Door Stays and Lid Stays - (21 companies)
    ...under the category of door stays and lid stays. Spring hinges and sliding lid stays are also available. Some special features available for door stays and lid stays include lid stays with a soft closing lid mechanism for upward and top-opening flaps... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Door Stops and Holders - (68 companies)
    ...others are rigidly mounted and mechanically stop the door at a predetermined location. Baseboard style mounts to the base board of the wall behind the door. The design can include a rubber tip and spring body to adsorb the force of the door... Learn More
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    Torsion Springs - (254 companies)
    Helically wound springs that deflect torque rotationally, torsion springs express mechanical energy through the property of elasticity: the spring action happens when it is twisted rather than compressed or pulled. Despite the name, torsion springs... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Door Viewers - (23 companies)
    Door Viewer. Image Credit: Global Industrial Door Viewer with knocker. Image Credit: Gammy Hardware. Door viewers are security devices that allow the user visual access to the other side of the door. They are optical devices, also known as peepholes... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Door Frames - (47 companies)
    Door Frames are assemblies that are used to hang doors within. These frames include swing door frames of various materials and sizes as well as pocket door frames. Swing door frames. Image Credit: Ceco Door. Door Frames are assemblies that are used... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Door Strikes - (36 companies)
    Door strikes are metal plate devices that are installed within a door jamb to stop and retain a door when closed. Multiple operational configurations are available for differing door bolt options as well as the action of the clasp mechanism... Learn More
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    Spring Winding Services - (283 companies)
    Spring winding services providers fabricate springs to specifications supplied by their customers, often providing design assistance. How to Select Spring Winding Services. Spring winding services fabricate springs to specifications supplied... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Battery Terminal Tension Test
    ▪ Train Door Closing Force ▪ Wall-mounted Air Freshener Load Test ▪ Press-Stud Popper Pull-Off Test ▪ Spring test .
  • Why test Top-load ?
    ▪ Train Door Closing Force ▪ Wall-mounted Air Freshener Load Test ▪ Press-Stud Popper Pull-Off Test ▪ Spring test .
  • Tensile Test on Rubber
    ▪ Train Door Closing Force ▪ Wall-mounted Air Freshener Load Test ▪ Press-Stud Popper Pull-Off Test ▪ Spring test .

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