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  • Getting the Best Out of Your Torque Tester - Part Two (.pdf)
    In an ideal world every torque device would have a range from zero to infinity. In the real world there are many reasons why torque wrenches and screwdrivers have a limited capacity. The ability of the spring to work in a linear way is one limit. The weight of the wrench at low torques is another
  • Preventive Maintenance for a Torque Wrench
    . If it is necessary to disassemble the wrench follow properly documented instructions provided by the manufacturer or send to a competent technician. Most click wrenches are built with an internal spring mechanism that is compressed to against a lever. Adjustable wrenches use springs that must meet a linear
  • Aircraft Brake Unit Spring Testing
    Pull Test. Car Door Closing Energy Tester. Car Window Sliding Force Tester. Filter Test Station. Torque Tester for Windows & Sunroofs. Seat-Belt Locking Device Test. Connector Test On Fuel-Injection Components. Automated Spring Test. Automotive Fuel Pumps. Beverage. Case studies. Tamper-evident Ring
  • Medical Device Link .
    circuitry found in larger benchtop testers. The Rigel 266 electrical safety tester developed by Seaward Electronic Ltd. combines leakage-test functions with appliance-testing capabilities. The unit is designed specifically to perform electromedical safety tests on Class I and II equipment during
  • Medical Device Link .
    An equipment manufacturer partners with OEMs to create custom quality control testing systems for medical devices. One such partnership has yielded a tester that synthesizes human body conditions in a controlled and repeatable manner, according to the company. Designed to test and validate bandages
  • Medical Device Link .
    an optical focus aid for accurate z-axis measurements. Nikon Inc., 1300 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY 11747. Digital bottle-cap torque tester A digital torque tester measures the required application or removal torque of bottle caps for medical vials. Some of the other uses of the Model STB torque
  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    and high shear rates? It is needed to determine behavioral characteristics such as how the paint will perform under the heat of summer outdoors in Arizona as compared to a cool spring in New England? What are its shear-rate dependent characteristics at these temperatures? A profile needs to be done
  • 2008 Ford Edge Limited Review
    Junior 's soccer game, but the Edge is no wimp. One-ton, Class-I towing capacity is standard. Acceleration from the 3.5-liter, 60 V6 is more than adequate with a peak horsepower of 265 at 6,250 rpm and 250 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm. Variable intake cam timing and sequential electronic fuel