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  • Clarification of API Slurries and Recovery of Solids (.pdf)
    increased with the. were to: square of the feed volume (cake height) as. – Determine if Activated. expected, shown in Figure 7. The data. Carbon and impurities could. clearly demonstrate that the filtration time. be separated from an API. for smaller feed volumes (THIN CAKES) is. The current
  • Introduction
    different (but mathematically equivalent) formulations. In Chapter 6, we present some alternative Kalman filter formulations, including sequential filtering, information filtering, square root filtering, and U-D filtering. In Chapter 7, we discuss some generalizations of the Kalman filter that make
  • Integral Coloring
    . conductivity. If the solution is above 30 ˚C, the anodic film has a tendency to crack when. subjected to elevated temperatures, ~150 ˚C. Power Supply, Chilling, and Filtration. A DC power supply, capable of providing 70 to 100 V and 50 to 100 amperes of. current per square foot of surface area
  • Medical Device Link .
    and electronics to provide a square. MPMN - July 2004 - Product Update. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search Try Our Advanced Search. Contact us. Advertise. Log in. Subscribe
  • Real-time Megapixel Multispectral Bioimaging
    have been. doing this for years using discrete round or square filters and an off the shelf or customized opto-mechanical assembly. This type of implementation provides a flexible low cost multispectral/multiwavelength imager for R &D studies, but it. has little chance of being successfully deployed
  • Solvent Recovery System Keeps Presses Rolling At World's Largest Gravure Printing Plant
    increased to 600,000 scfm for the 12 presses now operating. The solvent-laden air is passed through activated-carbon beds to capture the solvent. The carbon has an immense internal surface area (1,100 square meters per gram, or the equivalent of about 100 football fields per pound
  • Medical Device Link .
    incorporating standard through-hole geometry that narrows the radiation patterns and eliminates light loss. The 5-mm square and 5-mm round packages offer 50 and 25 viewing angles, respectively. They are available in many colors including RGB, white, and ultraviolet, with wavelengths from 400 to 600 nm
  • Medical Device Link .
    a square configuration, and it is only 26 mm deep. Features include ac inlet, on/off switch, RFI filter, and fuse holder. A metal shield between the inlet and the panel opening provides protection against radiated emissions. Flexible steel contact points make continuous contact with the chassis

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