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Parts by Number for Square Tubing Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Aluminum 6061 Square Tubing   Small Parts, Inc. Tubing Aluminum Square Tubing offers strength for applications that require resistance to stress cracking and corrosion. Alloyed with Magnesium and Silicon, this type of Aluminum is widely used for structural and fabrication needs, and has good formability.
FP-125   Caplugs Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts Series FP closures are finishing plugs for square tubing. Sized for different gauges, their shoulders fit flush with tubing sides. In addition to keeping dirt and moisture out of sensitive areas, FP Plugs provide a clean finish to the square tube ends on completed products. They also protect...
TQ13412563   Tri State Aluminum Distributors Metal Shapes and Stock Pipe & Tube; Tube; Aluminum Round Tubing 3003-H14; Aluminum Round Tubing Drawn Seamless 6061-T6; Aluminum Round Extruded Tubing 6061-T6511; Aluminum Square Tubing 6063-T52 (Extruded);
WCC-2TUBE-84   Robot MarketPlace (The) Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fiber Cloth 2 " square tubing. The carbon fiber square tubing has tight radius corners for extra strength. Thickness is nominal .125 ", 2 " measured I.D. Built using carbon fiber seamless braid. The finish is smooth and matte. A great light weight structural product it can been used on a wide...
6 X 6 X 11GA   Hoover Steel, Inc. Tubing Stock Length: 24 FT. Other sizes and lengths available upon request.
SQR-100MM   Caplugs Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts Series SQR Square Plugs feature a series of externally tapered ribs designed to accommodate a wide range of tubing gauges while also satisfying the fit adjustments on tubing with inside dimensional fluctuations. The exterior ribs are designed to provide a sure grip inside a tube without...
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    can be realized ( >20,000 psi). Electrical insulation Has one of the highest dielectric strength ratings of any thermoplastic material. Dielectric strength: >4,000 V/mil (60 Hz). Dielectric constant: 3.3. Dissipation factor: 0.0025. Volume resistivity: 1018 -cm. Surface resistivity: 1014 /square
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