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    Magnetometers - (67 companies) locate boundary stakes buried in the ground or hidden by vegetation. Selection. When selecting magnetometers, buyers should consider the specific type of magnetometer technology, its form, its outputs and interfaces, and its design specifications. Type... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetic Field Sensors - (73 companies)
    ...wavelength of light. SQUID sensors are very sensitive to low magnetic fields and can measure fields as low as the femtoTesla range. They are used mainly in medical, particularly neuroscientific applications, and have a very wide range of magnetic field... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetic Field Instruments - (151 companies)
    ...instruments include magnetometers and Gaussmeters (Tesla meters). Magnetometers and Gaussmeters are sometimes used interchangeably for describing devices used to measure magnetic field strength. However, the two can be differentiated based on the type... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Geophysical Instruments - (99 companies)
    ...of geophysical instruments for earth quake detection is especially important. Seismographs and magnetometers are the two main types of geophysical instruments used for surveying the earth 's crust and detecting earthquakes. A seismograph... Learn More
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    Gaussmeters - (27 companies)
    ...and/or direction of a magnetic field. Typically, Gaussmeters measure a magnetic field or flux density in metric units of gauss (G) or the international system (IS) unit tesla (T). Magnetometers and Gaussmeters are sometimes interchangeable names describing... Learn More
  • Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation - (379 companies)
    Instruments such as quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) monitors, ellipsometers, RHEED systems, imaging stations, CD-SEMs, ion mills, C-V systems specifically designed for wafer metrology or in-situ monitoring of thin film parameters during thin film or semiconductors wafer processing. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Semiconductor Metrology Instruments - (208 companies)
    Semiconductor metrology instruments are designed for wafer and thin film in-line inspection after semiconductor processing. They include capacitance gages, C-V systems, electron beam probes, ellipsometers, interferometers, I-V system, magnetometers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Oceanographic Instruments - (30 companies)
    Oceanographic instruments measure various physical characteristics of the world 's oceans. They include devices such as thermometers, fluorometers, depth sensors, acoustic current meters, echo sounders, tide and turbidity gauges, coastal buoys, meteorological instruments, water samplers, and salinometers. Learn More
  • Thin Film Monitors - (56 companies)
    Thin film monitors are used to analyze and/or control thin film deposition rate, composition and properties. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) - (26 companies)
    ...mechanical manipulators, sonar, magnetometers, various types of cameras, cutting/shearing tools, and other devices to measure characteristics of its environment. Electrical systems are outfitted in oil-filled water-tight or pressurized compartments... Learn More
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Several detection platforms can perceive and quantify magnetic labels. Magnetic microchips, superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUID), magnetometers, scanning probes, and induction techniques have this capability. While each magnetic detection technology offers strengths in one area... gain from SQUID technology. Superconducting magnetometers are noninvasive and thus allow the examination of fetal development at an earlier stage than other systems. "PET and MRI systems require radioactive isotopes or generate high energy fields, both of which can damage developing fetuses," says...

...temperatures. Small and inexpensive magnetoresistor sensors can also be used to detect magnetic fields, but the devices aren 't very sensitive. NIST 's prototype merges the useful characteristics of a SQUID and a magnetoresistor sensor. It reaches the SQUID 's high sensitivity levels but is small...

Magnetic field sensing in industry is often utilized for. Interference Detectors (SQUID) and spin resonance. control and measurement purposes – linear and rotary. magnetometers. A solid-state magnetic sensor. position sensing, gear tooth sensing, and current. directly converts the magnetic field...

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in Chiba, nologies also offers a high-Tc SQUID magnetometer for Japan, have developed a 256-channel SQUID cardiac measurements.

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Robert J. Contolini, Steven T. Mayer For the transfer of electrochemical planerization and electro-polishing technology to a computer manufacturer.

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