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    SRAM Modules - (86 companies)
    Static random access memory (SRAM) modules are a collection of SRAM chips assembled on a circuit board. How to Select SRAM Modules. Image Credit: Digi-Key | 3Sixty Group | Centon. SRAM memory modules use static random access memory (SRAM), a type... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    SRAM Memory Chips - (148 companies)
    Static random access memory (SRAM) chips do not need to be refreshed like DRAM chips. This makes SRAM chips faster and more reliable. Description. Static random access memory (SRAM) chips are dual-transistor memory cells that require a constant... Learn More
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    PCMCIA Memory Cards - (32 companies)
    PCMCIA Memory Cards Information. PCMCIA memory cards and storage cards are used to add memory (RAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) and/or storage capacity (hard disks, CD-ROM, etc.) to computers. PCMCIA is an acronym for the Personal Computer Memory Card... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Memory Modules - (395 companies)
    ...that contains preset instructions and data, often for controlling physical devices like disk drives associated with the PC. Configuration. Memory Type. Choices for memory type include: RAM. DRAM. FPM RAM. EDO RAM. BEDO RAM. SDRAM. SRAM. L2 Cache... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Memory Chips - (578 companies)
    Most RAM is classified as volatile; special types of non-volatile RAM (NVRAM), such as ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), are non-volatile. RAM types include: Dynamic RAM (DRAM). Static RAM (SRAM). Non-volatile RAM (NVRAM). Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    PCMCIA Cards and Accessories - (155 companies)
    PCMCIA cards and accessories follow standards developed by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), an international standards body and trade organization. PCMCIA cards, or PC cards as they are commonly known, were designed originally for adding memory to portable computers, but are now used in a variety of devices. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Device Drivers - (113 companies)
    Device drivers are programs that provide the interface between general use software (such as an operating system) and specific hardware or software modules. With personal computers (PCs), drivers are often packaged as dynamic link library (DLL) files. Learn More
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    FLASH Memory Chips - (198 companies)
    FLASH memory chips offer extremely fast access times, low power consumption, and relative immunity to severe shock or vibration. They do not need a constant power supply to retain their data. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ID Card Readers and Encoders - (154 companies)
    ID card readers and ID card encoders are used to transmit personal information onto various forms of storage media and retrieve this data as needed. Learn More
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    Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Modules - (48 companies)
    Programmable automation controller (PAC) modules are add-on devices that perform a specific control function in PAC systems. Search by Specification | Learn More
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Static RAM (SRAM) is more expensive than DRAM, but faster and more reliable. Unlike DRAM, SRAM does not need to be refreshed constantly; SRAM is refreshed only when a write command is performed. SRAM is most commonly used in the L2 cache for PCs. There are two types of SRAM: synchronous...

There are applications where a significant amount of data memory is required beyond what is in the micro-controller. For example, buffering communications data, creating large volatile tables and arrays. One interesting application is voice storage and playback. Some applications require relatively...

Micron decides to exit SRAM and TCAM markets Micron Technology Inc. on Friday confirmed that the memory chipmaker is suspending further production of SRAMs and Ternary Content Addressable Memories (TCAMs) as part of its cost reduction effort. DAC to concentrate on low power issues MANHASSET, N.Y....

Antifuse-based FPGAs are high-density devices with integration levels from 104 to several million gates per microcircuit. They are designed and manufactured using antifuse technology that allows the devices to be more reliable and secure than SRAM-based FPGAs. This technology enable designers...

This Technical Brief shows how to connect a PIC17CXX device to external memory. It also provides instructions and calculations to help determine which speeds of SRAM work with which frequency crystal....

Windows Interface Package. The ADC1000-USB utilizes a Cypress AN2131 microcontroller, which has a high speed 8051, combined with a USB ASIC. Program code and data coefficients are stored in external E²PROM and are loaded at boot-up via the I²C bus. The microcontroller has 8K of internal SRAM and 128K...

An increasing number of applications that involve time. measurement are requiring a Real-Time Clock device. The MCP79410 is a feature-rich RTCC that incorporates. EEPROM, SRAM, unique ID and time-stamp. This application note describes how to compensate the. parabolic thermal drift of some crystals...

009;Trecenti Technologies, a joint venture between Japan's Hitachi and Taiwan's United Microelectronics, has produced the first chips in its 300-mm fab--two months ahead of schedule. The company claims that it has used 0.18- um technology to produce the world's first functional 4- and 8-Mb SRAMs...

Video RAM (VRAM) is a dual-port RAM used in video accelerator cards and on motherboards that incorporate video technology. VRAM stores the pixel values in a graphical display. To refresh the display, the board's controller reads from VRAM continuously. Unlike SRAM and DRAM, video RAM provides two...

...static random access memory (SRAM) modes with variable-speed L2 cache. SPARC, UltraSPARC, and UltraSPARC-II are registered trademarks of SPARC International and licensed to Sun Microsystems, Inc....

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