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  • TechBrief: Using SRAM with a PIC16CXX
    There are applications where a significant amount of data memory is required beyond what is in the micro-controller. For example, buffering communications data, creating large volatile tables and arrays. One interesting application is voice storage and playback. Some applications require relatively
  • Using External RAM with PIC17CXX Devices
    This Technical Brief shows how to connect a PIC17CXX device to external memory. It also provides instructions and calculations to help determine which speeds of SRAM work with which frequency crystal.
  • ADC1000-USB A/D Converter: Serial Port Interface Communications and Control Information
    Windows Interface Package. The ADC1000-USB utilizes a Cypress AN2131 microcontroller, which has a high speed 8051, combined with a USB ASIC. Program code and data coefficients are stored in external E²PROM and are loaded at boot-up via the I²C bus. The microcontroller has 8K of internal SRAM and 128K
  • Temperature Compensation of a Tuning Fork Crystal Based on MCP79410
    An increasing number of applications that involve time. measurement are requiring a Real-Time Clock device. The MCP79410 is a feature-rich RTCC that incorporates. EEPROM, SRAM, unique ID and time-stamp. This application note describes how to compensate the. parabolic thermal drift of some crystals
  • ADC1000 OEM Data Sheet
    speed 8051, combined with an USB ASIC. Program code and data coefficients are stored in external E2PROM, which are loaded at boot-up via the I2C bus. The microcontroller has 8K of internal SRAM and 128K of external SRAM. Due to memory mapping and paging constraints, only 96K of the external SRAM
  • Downloading HEX Files to PIC16F87X PICmicro (R) Microcontrollers
    The release of the PIC16F87X devices introduces the first mid-range family of devices from Microchip Technology that has the capability to read and write to internal program memory. This family has FLASH-based program memory, SRAM data memory and EEPROM data memory. The FLASH program memory allows
  • MICRO: World Beat
    Alliance Semiconductor has placed the first volume order for chips from Tower Semiconductor's newest chip factory. The pure-play foundry says Alliance wants volume output of its 4-Mb asynchronous SRAM using Tower's 180-nm process. Shipments are scheduled for mid-2003. One of Tower's four partners
  • MICRO: World Beat
    purchase more than $1 billion in equipment for its Fab 4 in Beijing. Kevin Vassily, an analyst with Susquehanna, reports that deliveries will begin in March 2004. SMIC is reportedly processing between 10,000 and 15,000 wafers per month for Toshiba under an SRAM contract. The Chinese company also

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