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  • Shingled Folded Sheet Conveyor Application Note (.pdf)
    Problem: When delivering single or shingled (overlapped) sheets onto either a conveyor or a stack, static causes the sheets to cling together resulting in collating problems. The problem is more pronounced on shingle type delivery systems. It is important that the static charges are eliminated from
  • Conveyor system for plasterboard
    Apart from the heavy load of the stack of pallets weighing several tons, the system is also exposed to a high level of abrasion from fine mineral plaster dust. This dust attacks the hinges, rods and sprockets on the modular belt, leading inevitably to increased wear in these areas, especially
  • Compensating Stackers Application Note (.pdf)
    Problem: Stacks of magazines (as delivered to newsagents) and books are created in compensating stackers. Magazines/books are fed into the compensating stacker where they are collated into a stack (a pre set number). The stack is then transferred by conveyor to either a strapping machine
  • Hulls and Decks for Personal Watercraft
    Handling Procedure: Pick up a hull or deck from an "H" frame fixture on a conveyor. The part is removed from the conveyor for inspection. After inspection, the part is transferred to a Pass or a Fail cart. Problem: The same tool must pick up both the hull, weighing up to 240 lb., and the deck
  • Building a better bottle
    Simulation shows how bottles fill and stack and whether they'll tip over on a conveyor. To speed bottle design, our engineers developed a method of analyzing bottles to determine their structural performance. Our Virtual Package Simulation (VPS) system uses Hypermesh from , Troy, Mich
  • Chrysler brings Ethernet to pneumatics
    structural parts. Pneumatics work together with electromechanical actuators to move and position parts. For instance, air knives help separate individual blanks from a stack, then gantry-mounted suction cups lift them onto a conveyor. The conveyor carries the blanks through a washer, where
  • Seeing Straight
    Alignment difficulties between shipping cartons are no problem for a robotic palletizing arm and smart camera. An intelligent camera and companion light source helps a German company straighten out an alignment problem on incoming pallets. Palletizing robots efficiently stack boxes for shipping

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