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    Cannulated bars are fabricated from stainless-steel and titanium alloys. AISI 304L-, 420-, 440-, 630-, and custom 455-stainless-steel bars measure 2 4 m and are used in the manufacture of medical instruments, while 316 LVM, 22-13-5, Rex 734, Ti6Al4Veli, and Ti6Al7Nb materials are suited
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    stainless-steel wire for use in catheter-related diagnostic devices, among other products. Wire as small as 0.0025 in. wide and 0.0003 in. thick is available. Width tolerances of +-0.0003 in. and gauge tolerances of +-0.0001 in. can be attained. The stainless steel is precision rolled and tempered
  • High Performance Materials Make Their Mark In Manufacturing
    Throughout the industrial manufacturing world, there is an increasing trend toward the use of high performance materials. Designers are moving away from using brass and standard elastomeric seals and are instead, implementing stainless steels, nickel alloys and higher grade elastomers within
  • Medical Device Link .
    cutters are used manually. A great deal of the research in metal cutting over the last 100 years has been applied to the geometry and design of surgical cutting tools. Stainless steel is the most common type of steel used for medical purposes, due to its anticorrosion nature. Common types of stainless
  • Complex assembly that was too expensive to hand polish
    customer had to find a way to reduce the. time each assembly is polished. ./226c209f-a68f-4212-8a69-5ba9dc1ec141 #1017 — Decorative anD Brite Passivation. Industry: Medical/Dental - Manufacturers of. orthopedic equipment. Mfg/Method: Brazed Assembly. Alloy: 304 and 302 stainless steel. ProbleM
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    but not limited to corrosion resistant stainless steels, brass, aluminum and plastic. Stainless steel provides long life and is ideal for clean rooms and corrosive fluids. When cost is a major contributing factor, brass, aluminum and plastic regulators may be the best option. Aluminum is light weight while
  • Medical Device Link . Exploring the Long-Term Effects of Implants
    of alloys used in this industry. One is the titanium alloy, which is made up of titanium, aluminum, and vanadium; the other is a stainless- steel-based alloy, which is chromium, nickel, and cobalt. When do you expect to start seeing results from this study? Hopefully, we'll have some results in a year
  • MICRO: Product Technology News
    in various materials, including Type 316L stainless steel, Vim-Var, and C-22. These fittings have a clean, smooth surface finish and include various types of glands, elbows, tees, crosses, bulkhead unions, nuts, and gaskets. The standard finish is 10 Ra or less, and a surface finish of less than 5 Ra