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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
20818161 Allied Electronics, Inc. SCHROFF Not Provided Plug-In Unit Kit for AdvancedTCA-IEA; Stainless Steel; 8Ux6HP; Lever Type Handle
21596325 Allied Electronics, Inc. SCHROFF Not Provided Stainless Steel Front Panel Kit w/Lever Type AdvancedTCA IEA Handle; 8Ux6 HP

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  • Choosing the Correct Crank
    operation. They are well suited for clamping, and can be removable. Shown here is our GN 471 series Aluminum Cranks with Revolving Handle. Other options for materials for cranks are zinc die-cast, steel, stainless steel, cast iron and various plastics (nylon, phenolic, technopolymer). Fold-Away
  • Tri-Homo Colloid Mill Manual
    rotor and stator are not in contact; galling of the stainless steel rotors and stators. may occur. To ensure the rotor and stator are not in contact, insert the Adjusting Lever into the. Adjusting Ring and rotate clockwise to completely open the Gap Setting, a marker on the head. assembly
  • RotoMill Colloid Mill Manual
    assembly. Running the mill. dry will severely damage the seal assembly!. Notice: Make sure rotor and stator are not in contact; galling of the stainless steel rotors and stators may. occur. To ensure the rotor and stator are not in contact, insert the Adjusting Lever into the Adjusting Ring. and rotate
  • Introduction to Load Cells
    , track, and hopper scales. Handles load movements. No horizontal load protection. Ring and Pancake Load Cells. 5- 500k lbs. Tanks, bins, scales. All stainless steel. No load movement allowed. Button and washer Load Cells. 0-50k lbs. 0-200 lbs. typ. 1%. Small scales. Small, inexpensive. Loads must
  • Medical Device Link .
    of a metal-to-plastic instrument application see Figure 3, an ankle clamp designed by John Grecco of Stryker Orthopaedics. The clamp is used in knee replacement surgery. The yoke and flippers were previously made of stainless steel, and the instrument assembly needed to sustain multiple steam
  • Selecting Spring Loaded Devices
    : These plungers are sort of a hybrid of the two above types, and include a knob for manual retraction of the plunger. Among other things, they are used for manual or automated holding, as in workholding applications. Here you see our LRSS stainless steel hand retractable spring plunger (lock out type
  • Sanitary Machine Design
    collection: Equipment should be self-draining to assure that liquid, which can harbor and promote the growth of bacteria, does not accumulate, pool or condense on the equipment. The design of our GN 565.5 stainless steel handle is without hollows or other places that debris might collect. Of similar
  • Medical Device Link .
    and custom fabricated to fit the needs of medical device OEMs. Sefar Inc., Rueschlikon, Switzerland. Stainless-steel components. Semifinished stainless-steel components are manufactured for medical OEMs in facilities certified to ISO 9001. The company offers precision tubing and cannulae
  • Medical Device Link .
    limited pinch valves and costly rocker-style solenoids, according to the company. The company routinely collaborates with customers on the development of innovative fluidic technology. Gems Sensors & Controls, Basingstoke, Hants, UK. Supplier of Laser Sintering Systems Introduces Stainless-Steel
  • Medical Device Link .
    setting under local anesthesia. It consists of two sections: a handle constructed of injection-molded polycarbonate plastic components, and a needle made of stainless-steel tubing and a sharpened wire. An inner snare mechanism allows the physician to capture the specimen after insertion with a simple

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