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  • Stainless Steel Hardware & Corrosion
    I have been using hardware made of 303 stainless steel and when exposed to a salt atmosphere, the parts begin to rust. I need to stay with stainless material. Is there another type of stainless steel or a stainless process that will better resist rust?. Stainless Steel Corrosion. Login / Register
  • Comparative Analysis of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Fasteners
    Corrosion of stainless and carbon steel are very different. This paper will provide information regarding general attack or surface corrosion as this is often a primary consideration when selecting fastener material. ./e32582d7-affe-456b-8372-281c0bd4b876 Comparative Analysis of Stainless
  • Unique Qualities of Stainless Steel PH15-7MO
    PH15-7 grade stainless steel is categorized as a Precipitation Hardened ("PH") grade of stainless. The PH grades are used to allow fabrication in the soft, annealed condition, with subsequent hardening to the final spring temper required by part function. This material is completely unique
  • Determining Whether a Ring is Carbon or Stainless Steel
    A Ring is Stainless. Springs: Disc Springs Home. Disc Springs DIN 2093. Inch Series Belleville Disc Springs. Locking Washers DIN 6796. Bearing Preload Disc Springs. Serrated Safety Washers. Wavy Washers. Wave Springs. Pins: Coil Spring Pins. Slotted Spring Pins. Solid Pins. Quarter Turn Fasteners
  • Soft Light Pressure Compression Springs
    springs are ideal for many fluid power applications such as relief valves, check valves or pistons Other miscellaneous applications could include motor brushes, contacts, displays, syringes, toys, dispensers and many more. MATERIAL: LP series springs are offered ONLY in Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Frequently Asked Questions/Technical Information
    A: Different materials are better suited for different applications and environments. The Material Properties Table provides operating temperature ranges and other useful information. A: When heat-treated to spring temper, Stainless Steel becomes magnetic. Stainless Steel springs are slightly less
  • Selecting Spring Loaded Devices
    stroke spring plungers. Springs: Springs are generally made of steel or stainless steel, and their end force determines the applications for which the plunger is appropriate. For detents, you will need a heavy or standard end force. If you want an easily retractable plunger, use standard or light end
  • Comparative Analysis of Type 316 Stainless and 302/304, 420 Types
    Pins, stainless steel is often required for its high corrosion resistance. Coiled Spring Pins are most often manufactured from Type 302/304 and Type 420 stainless steel, but Type 316 is also available and is typically selected for its superior corrosion resistance. This paper takes a closer look at how
  • Steel music wire spring used in a lock assembly. The part was failing prematurely due to surface cracks.
    This part is used as a cover for a battery. power source. Stainless steel was originally specified. to withstand a highly corrosive environment. The. customer needed to deburr the edges on the part, but. also needed a bright finish, that would be smooth to the touch
  • Brushless washer maker finds reliability in screwless connections
    of a stainless-steel spring, heads off the possibility of signal degradation from corrosion. The Wago blocks also reduce overall wiring and maintenance time, says PDQ electrical engineer Saul Escalante. PDQ went with blocks from Germantown, Wis.-based Wago because "We are considered the leaders

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