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  • Air Velocity Temperature Measurment All-in-One (.pdf)
    . Stainless steel sensor probes are available in three configurations: straight, right angle,. and remote with a 4.6 m (15') cable (shown in Figures 1 and 2). Marks at 1 " intervals. simplify insertion to the correct depth. The probes are bi-directional, so flow in the forward. or reverse direction gives
  • Fiber optic temperature solutions for generator and transformer
    withstand up to max. 16bar (200psi). The stainless steel tank wall plate is installed outside the transformer wall and to protect and guard the fiber optic measurement assembly. The rough extension cables can be used on all fiber optic temperature probes. Recommended products. Fotemp Trafo
  • Field Installation of Thermocouple & RTD Temperature Sensor Assemblies (.pdf)
    the. needs, and retorque the gland. Metal-to-. probe diameter. For example, a 1/4 inch. metal seals and stainless steel ferrules can. diameter probe would be inserted 2.5 inches. also be used for fixed mounting, but once. For RTDs, the immersion depth should be. torqued, they do not permit future immersion
  • Oven Temperature Profiling of Metal Alloys At 800°F
    to equip the logger with a Custom Enhanced Thermal Barrier with internal heat sink featuring advanced phase change technology for maximum protection and heat absorption. Its all-stainless steel construction formed a robust and user-friendly barrier for the data logger. The stand alone temperature
  • Medical Device Link .
    in the instrument is a small invasive probe fitted with three optical-fiber sensors that simultaneously measure CO , and pH and a conventional thermocouple for temperature measurement. The sensors are fabricated from acrylic optical fiber measuring 175 um in diameter. A primary challenge faced
  • Medical Device Link .
    stainless-steel wire for use in catheter-related diagnostic devices, among other products. Wire as small as 0.0025 in. wide and 0.0003 in. thick is available. Width tolerances of +-0.0003 in. and gauge tolerances of +-0.0001 in. can be attained. The stainless steel is precision rolled and tempered
  • Medical Device Link .
    Light from an LED source is launched into the probe from a control unit and then reflected back by a small stainless-steel mirror encapsulated in the end of each optical fibre. The light passes through a series of transverse holes drilled into the fibres in a helical formation. Light passing along
  • Medical Device Link .
    Optimized grinding processes, advanced joining techniques, and high-value materials are the hallmarks of a company that produces metal components for single-use medical devices. Certified to DIN ISO 13485, EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH (Dettingen, Germany; ) works extensively with stainless steel
  • Medical Device Link .
    must have resistance values of 2252 at 25 C and 1354 at 37 C, and a temperature tolerance of +-0 C in the 32 to 44 C range. Our sensors feature a typical interchangeability of +-0.05 C, says Newell, in dimensions as small as 0.013 in. OD. The company s thermistors and probe assemblies
  • Corrosion Wear Behavior of Zirconium in Hot Sulfide Containing Electrolytes (.pdf)
    The synergistic effect between corrosion and wear was determined for zirconium 702 in an aqueous medium. Zirconium 702 with a pickled surface treatment and zirconium 702 with an air oxidized surface treatment were studied. Stainless Steel 304L was used as a reference. The electrolyte used