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  • Production Test Application: Monitoring Metal Stamping Press
    Metal stamping is widely used to shape metal parts in the automotive industry. During the manufacture of torque converters, stamping is used to create a series of indentations that hold metal vanes that are used to transmit the power from the engine to the transmission though a fluid. Hydraulic
  • Production Test: Monitoring a Metal Stamping Press
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the real-time data acquisition solution for an automotive manufacturer using metal stamping presses to shape their torque converters. Stamping was used to create a series of indentations that held metal vanes used to transmit the power from the engine
  • Die Protection for Metal Stamping Operations (.pdf)
    contact sensors in stamping applications, in that they are solid state. with no moving parts and are impervious to oil, coolant or other liquids/lubricants permeating the sensor. Non-. contact devices are also better able to withstand physical damage. Proximity sensors have numerous housing styles
  • Proximity sensors for stamping dies
    , and the type of connected device. For example, sensors must supply more output current to a relay than to a PLC input. Proximity sensors offer numerous advantages in stamping applications. They are solid state so there are no moving parts to wear out. Sealed devices are impervious to oil, coolant
  • Precision Metal Stamping Industry Sees Big Swings in Metal Prices
    Precision metal stamping manufacturers are finding metal markets increasingly unpredictable. The industry has experienced wild swings both up and down -- sometimes these swings occurring within a calendar week. The fluctuations in these markets have been compounded by the uncertainty in the global
  • White Paper: Remove Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil Efficiently and Cost-Effectively to Prolong Equipment Life
    a wide variety of applications within pulp & paper mills, power plants, hydraulic presses (such as stamping and plastic injection molding), steel and roll mills, etc. It decreases water concentration, down to 25 ppm, and improves particulate filtration, as low as ISO 13/10 (or lower). Plus, Driflex
  • Dow Corning helps a customer solve their customers' problems
    silicones to customize viscosities. It removes. silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives and residue, as well as coating/stamping. oil, motor oil and typical shop soils. Besides the pressurized spray cans, the. material can be supplied in drums up to 55 gallons (208 liters) to make it. easy to use
  • Gravity Lubricator Application
    for use in a wide variety of applications. Below are examples of how customers have put Oil-Rite lubrication equipment to use. Automated Escalator Lubrication | PurgeX Excels in Stamping Application | A Small Amount of Lubricant for Large Industries Ultra-Micro (R) PurgeX (R) dispenses 10