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  • Precision RTD Instrumentation for Temperature Sensing
    ) resolution. tion amplifiers and/or a stand-alone instrumentation Setting R = R = 6.8 k? provides 111.6 µV/°C A B amplifier. This analog instrumentation technique temperature coefficient (PT100 RTD with 0.385?/°C requires a low noise and stable system to calibrate and temperature coefficient
  • Airborne Ultrasound - Predictive Maintenance for the Masses
    see the emergence of stand alone ultrasound inspection programs as standard practice for maintenance departments around the globe. Indeed ultrasound is now considered a front-line defense system in the everyday battle for manufacturing uptime. Airborne Ultrasound is Predictive Maintenance
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    provides a direct readout of leak rate regardless of the part's internal volume. The unit's plumbing pneumatics are contained in a compact manifold with pilot-operated valves, eliminating many fittings and connections and providing a leak-free system. The tester can operate on a stand-alone basis
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    be used as a stand-alone tester or integrated into automated processing and testing systems. Catheter feeders and sorters can be supplied to automate the testing process. The machine generates an electromagnetic field, which it couples into the test specimen. It then detects voltage fluctuations
  • Analytical techniques
    differs dramatically from its laboratory counterpart, the only common area being the separation concepts. In current practice, designs integrate a basic Analyser (chromatograph) with a controller & microprocessor package. These systems can perform as stand alone units or be interfaced with multiple
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    radiation dose falls within the 10–100-kGy range. Sessions of York, York, UK. In-line sterilization. E-beam accelerators are suited for in-line sterilization of bottles and stoppers. The medium- and low-energy accelerators can be installed directly into the production line. Stand-alone sterilizers
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    . The screen can be supplied as a stand-alone monitor or provided without plastics for embedded applications. Connecting directly to workstations or PCs without additional hardware or software, the PowerScreen supports VESA and Sun timing platforms as well as custom monitor timings. The unit permits
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    stand-alone systems that mimic their biological counterparts. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are a technology that combines computers with tiny mechanical devices such as sensors, valves, gears, mirrors, and actuators embedded in semiconductor chips. As such, MEMS are their own instrumentation
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    for detailed measurements and analyses that can benefit research, production, and quality control functions. The machine can store up to 10 user-defined programs that are password protected to prevent less-experienced users from disrupting key set-ups. It can be used as a stand-alone instrument or in tandem
  • Linear Voltage Fan Speed Control Using Microchip's TC64X Family
    are stand-alone,. PWM output fan speed controllers/monitors that oper-. ate with any standard two-wire BDC fan. They control. C1 + Duty. 50.2%. fan speed using a low frequency PWM, modulated by. a 1.25V to 2.65V typical input signal. This is usually. C2 Max. 2.8V. 3. provided by a thermistor or other low-cost

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