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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TC7660H Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The TC7660H is a pin-compatible,high frequency up-grade to the Industry standard TC7660 charge pump voltage converter.It converts a +1.5V to +10V input to a corresponding – 1.5V to – 10V output using only two low--cost capacitors,eliminating inductors and their associated cost,size...

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  • AN0021 Tandem Capacitors
    internal design as shown below. Example 1 - 200V rated capacitor, Standard Design. 200V. 0V. In the case of short circuit failure of this type of component, the capacitor would no longer. function, and the circuit would be at risk. Syfer Tandem capacitors use a series section internal design, where each
  • AN0017 Surface Treated Capacitors
    . Page 5 of 5. Surface Arcing. Issue 2. Ordering Information. The surface treated capacitors can be ordered by using a standard Syfer. product code with the suffix code PL1. Example: 1206Y2K00102KXTPL1. 1206. Case Size. Y. Polymer Termination. 2K0. 2kV DC Rated. 0102. 1000pF Capacitance Value. K. 10%
  • Filter Capacitor Comparison
    to 1 GHz. The chip capacitor will not have as circumferential a ground and some radiated emissions may not be caught by this solution. The difference and feature of our design are described below: Standard "catalog " diodes are used with JANTX or equivalent level screening. Consult factory
  • The Effect of Voltage Reversal on Capacitor Life
    are typically 4-12 um-thick aluminum foils. The dielectric layers are typically 5-20 um-thick Kraft. In the last fifteen years, self-healing high voltage cellulose paper, polypropylene, or polyester film. capacitors have become standard technology for single-. Termination of the foil electrodes
  • ZR Marx Capacitor Life Test And Production Statistics
    and higher current capability. The ZR upgrade reversal, 150 to 160 kA peak current, and a ringing. to the Z machine has a total output current requirement of. frequency of ~133 kHz. At least six samples of each. at least 26 MA for a 100-ns standard Z-pinch load. To design were delivered for evaluation
  • High Voltage Capacitors Designed to Avoid Catastrophic Failure Modes (.pdf)
    capacitors that. The time frame of interest for single shot pulse power will fair better than others in the dynamic environment of. fuse is short and falls into the constant Action area. an internal fault. Typical values are shown in Figure 2. Maxwell. Cut Here. Value Range for Standard. 22kV
  • Using Switching Power Supplies with Diode Isolated Capacitor Banks
    , polypropylene, or polyester film. capacitors have become standard technology for single-. Termination of the foil electrodes is by soldering,. shot and low repetition rate ( < 1 shot/minute) applications. “schooping” (e.g. arc spray or flame spray), or other. in R &D environments, such as inertial
  • 100 kV Capacitor Development for Fast Marx Generators (.pdf)
    )½, is to be between 100 and 300ns. For selected. stage voltage, minimum achievable inductance sets ing temperature would be within standard laboratory lim-. maximum permissible stage capacitance and resultant its with the specification for this type of capacitor being. peak current, determining

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