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  • A Guide To Torque Values (.pdf)
    to torque values, the following basic assumptions have been made: (a). bolts and nuts are new, standard finish, uncoated and not lubricated*. (b). the load will be 90% of the bolt yield strength. (c). the coefficient of friction (µ) is 0.14. (d). the final tightening sequence is achieved smoothly
  • Dimensions & Tolerances for Flat Keys & Keyways per JIS B 1301:1996
    When designing a drive system, the use of keys and keyways to transmit torque from the drive shaft to the gear/pulley/sprocket/coupling is common. Enclosed is a table detailing the standard metric keys and keyway sizes and their corresponding tolerances. ./cd745f57-19b8-4dd3-be27-09d33d66597f
  • Dimensions for Sraight sided Splines per JIS B 1601:1996 (.pdf)
    When designing a mechanism with splines and spline bushings, one of the more common styles of splines is the straight sided style. The enclosed table details the specification of standard metric dimensioned straight sided splines. ./8a640c02-7df2-46b5-93bd-e4b5a399fa6f Quality Transmission
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    panel-mounted assembly comes in two power ranges: the MicroLynx-4 runs at 12 to 48 V dc with 3-A rms output, while the MicroLynx-7 runs at 24 to 75 V dc with 5-A rms output. I/O lines can be customized to suit user applications. Six isolated lines are standard; optional expansion modules can be added
  • Ball Bearing Overview
    || bearing manufacturing || thrust bearings || bearing pitch diameter || bearing selection || metric ball bearings || bearing specification. inch ball bearings || bearing radial play || ball bearing manufacturing || bearing torque || bearing geometry || ABEC tolerance || bearing cage
  • Timing Belt Pulleys: 3/8
    . Features. Unique tooth shape provides no slippage, like there is with flat belts. Made to rigid standards for true design pitch. Standard, metric and D-bore sizes are available. Optional flange. Plastic or metal hubs. Setscrews / Keyways. Belts available. Made In USA. Pulley Benefits
  • Routine Maintenance on AC Inverters (.pdf)
    The electric motor in its simplest terms is a converter of electrical energy to useful mechanical energy. The electric motor has played a leading role in the high productivity of modern industry, and it is therefore directly responsible for the high standard of living being enjoyed throughout
  • Electrical Actuators ELQ
    Standard actuators - Metric. 71 KB. pdf. April 2011. English. Drawings & Schematics. DXF FilesDXF Files for P-Series, E-Series, ELQ-Series, EL-Series, Manual Override Gearboxes, Heavy Duty Switchboxes, LDN Switchboxes. 457 KB. zip. English. Manuals & Guides. Installation & Operation ELQ. 4 MB. pdf
  • Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators
    ) - Metric. 178 KB. pdf. July 2012 Rev C. English. Dimensions Standard Actuator ISO 5211 (E/P DIN) – Metric. 111 KB. pdf. November 2009. English. Double Acting Actuator 180° Torque - Imperial. 89 KB. pdf. January 2010. English. Double Acting Actuator 180° Torque - Metric. 112 KB. pdf. November 2009
  • Medical Device Link . The votes are in! Without even knowing it, the regular readers of EMDM have spent the past year selecting the 40 most useful and innovative products and services from hundreds of candidates. Each time they fill out a product inf
    of the spindle; linear travel, linear speed, and thrust load can be adjusted to suit specific applications. The actuator is available with 40-, 56-, or 86-mm-diam stepper motors and standard M4, M5, M6, or M8 metric leadscrews. The firm also supplies a bipolar constant-current driver for stepping motors

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