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  • On-line Water in Gasoil Droplet Size Analysis (.pdf)
    intensively depending. 0. 50. 100. 150. 200. 250. on its technology. Thus their average size. Flow rate (L/h). becomes 60 µm with a standard flow at. Figure 4 : Value of D. droplets generated through various. 150L/h. 50. transfer systems from tank to filter. It is necessary to generate average droplet
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    screen that protects the device from contamination. Designed for both liquid and gas media, the units are available in 18 standard flow rates. The orifices are 100% tested with either water or nitrogen to ensure 5% flow-rate tolerances. The orifice is. EMDM - October 2004 - Spotlight. Skip
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    from 2.5 lb of material. There is some debate in the industry about exactly what micromolding is. Part of the issue is that "there is no industry standard that anyone can say, 'That is micromolding ', " Vadlamudi says. However, the industry perception is that anything less than 1 mg in weight
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    or less. However, achieving high accuracy on very small volumes of aggressive media over as many as 30 million cycles requires more than putting an isolating diaphragm on a standard solenoid valve and machining a plastic body. A number of proven suppliers are acquiring extensive experience
  • Ineffective Cleaning in Generic Baghouses (.pdf)
    of 5:1. That means for every 5 CFM of airflow, there is 1 square foot of media used to filter the air. This has been the industry standard for over 50 years. This standard cleaning system is not perfect and it has several inherent problems. First, due to the proximity between the orifice and throat
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Valves
    and 3/8-in. orifice size provide flow capability with a Cv factor of 0.90. The standard two-way solenoid valve is designed for applications with a maximum operating pressure differential of 5 psi. These customized units can also be modified to meet higher pressures. They are compatible with air
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    , and fabrication operations. They are available in pipe sizes ranging from 0.25 to 4 in., providing 4- to 20-mA transmitter flow rates at 0.4 to 600 gal/min. CoolPoint models in 0.5- to 2-in. pipe sizes feature +-1% full-scale accuracy; +-2% full-scale accuracy is standard on all models, as is. flow
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    A company 's swabbable tube-end luer valve was developed as a needle-free injection port for intravenous applications. Designed to aspirate or inject fluids on demand, the valve allows multiple usage and requires no cap. Valve stems and bodies will mate securely with all standard luer syringes
  • Adhesive Dispensing Units Manufactured by Johnstone Dispensing Systems
    be accomplished using a more capable servo air. cylinder control and improved material (viscosity) conditioning. Unfortunately, the two-part adhesive makes it impractical to use. the standard gear type flow meter for monitoring since it requires. frequent cleaning and maintenance. All specifications are subject
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    orifices, and the spores that are trapped on the filter are enumerated using standard microbiological techniques. The microbial barrier properties of the test material, which are described as percent penetration, are determined by comparing the number of spores that pass through the sample

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