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  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
    Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors measure dynamic pressures. They are generally not suited for static pressure measurements. Dynamic pressure measurements including turbulence, blast, ballistics and engine combustion under varying conditions may require sensors with special capabilities. Fast response
  • Low Frequency Response and Quasi-Static Behavior of LIVM Sensors
    Low Frequency Response - The ability of a sensor to measure very low frquency sinusoidal or periodic inputs (pressure, force and acceleration) with accuracy. This ability is best characterized by a graph of sensitivity vs. frequecy with input amplitude held constant.
  • Flow Sensors
    in the flow field. When flow is contracted, either gradually or abruptly, kinetic energy increases at the expense of potential energy (static pressure). The difference between pressure at the full pipe section and that in the vicinity of the contraction is related to the square root of the velocity
  • Dynamic ICP (R) Pressure Sensors for Detection of Combustion Instability and High Intensity Acoustics in Rocket Motor Research
    . sensors monitor dynamic pressure while subjected to high static background pressure. ICP (R) output features onboard. electronics to provide conditioned output signal and ease of use. Many physical configurations are available. with various Aerospace Standard fitting sizes. This paper will discuss
  • Load Cell Application - Wireless Shoe Sensor
    / run correctly in order to listen to the music without static interruption. Futek has used our load button load cell to assist universities in developing this program and can assist other research programs in fulfilling such projects. Load Cell | Bending Beam Load Cell | Canister Load Cell | Column
  • The Benefits of Constant Airflow (.pdf)
    Unlike a conventional induction motor, Genteq's TM motor regulates itself by automatically changing its torque and speed to maintain a preprogrammed level of constant airflow over a wide range of external static pressures and does so without the use of airflow sensors.
  • Wired 8.01: As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day
    technology known as microelectromechanical systems. While magical microbots may still be a few years away, MEMS are already a multibillion-dollar business in the car, printer, and display-projection industries. Traditional chips are flat, static structures. MEMS, by contrast, are silicon wafers packed
  • Product Technology News
    system. The 1250 model delivers less-than or equal-to 1250 cu ft/min of amine-free air at 2 in. 500 Pa static pressure; the 2500 generates an airflow of less-than or equal-to 2500 cu ft/min at 2 in. 500 Pa. Designed for processing semiconductors with geometries less-than or equal-to 0.25 um

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