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Parts by Number for Static Seal Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FASST40406 Global Industrial Elkay Plastics Company Inc Not Provided Elkay Plastics Anti-Static Seal Top Bag 6" X 4" 4 Mil Pink 1,000 Pack
FASST40608 Global Industrial Elkay Plastics Company Inc Not Provided Elkay Plastics Anti-Static Seal Top Bag 8" X 6" 4 Mil Pink 1,000 Pack
110457000 PLC Radwell Eaton Corporation Not Provided S2 SEAL, STATIC FACE
MY1B16PSQ PLC Radwell Smc Not Provided STATIC SEAL KIT

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  • Sorting out static seals
    for static sealing the face of a gasket. Creating a face seal is not terribly complicated. In most sealing systems, the objective is to prevent fluid from leaking from high to low-pressure regions through a gap. Static seals are typically preloaded to help accomplish this task. A seal whose height exceeds
  • Intro to Plastic Valves: Seals
    An O-ring is a round elastomeric ring. O-rings are ideally suited to be a compressed, static seal between non moving parts. O-rings can be used as a face seal on a valve, and used on rotating shafts. Use of o-rings on linear moving shafts is sometimes not recommended, due to the fact
    a central driving elastomer. The elastomer turns with the shaft, and the two rotors turn with the. elastomer. The elastomer provides both a static seal against the shaft and. Below: EAS Seals are fully-split. motive force for the rotors, and serves as the load spring for the seal. for installation
  • KlickFix offers more than 3 times the life of mechanical seal
    - specials. Seals in PTFE & plastics. Deina seal. Hydra seal. Seal jacket materials. Special designs of PTFE seal. Spring & 'O' ring materials. Uni-Seal. Static Seals. 'O' rings. Furnaces, Crucibles, Boilers. Inflatable seals. Oilfield products. Tank lid seals. Tension Control Fasteners. RotaBolt
  • Seal Eccentricity (.pdf)
    be considered when designing. a seal: Shaft-to-Bore Misalignment(STBM) and Dynamic-Runout(DRO). Shaft-to-Bore-Misalignment (figure 1) is the amount that the shaft center is offset. relative to the bore center. Taking a static measurement with the shaft at rest,. STBM almost always exists to some
  • How the Static O-Ring Seal Works
    , the O-ring is squeezed between the O-ring groove and the mating surface. An elastomeric O-ring will resist this squeeze or deformation and by attempting to return to its original shape will exert a force on the mating surfaces. This produces a seal in the areas where the O-ring contacts the mating
  • Biofuels: a Challenge to Fuel Seal Elastomers?
    retention of critical properties in current and emerging biofuels. Outstanding low temperature (-50°C to -65°C) static sealing performance in biofuels, (also at elevated temperatures). Robust biofuels service. The results indicate that selected specially formulated Viton® products, designed to deliver
  • Electronic Enclosures - Closing the Door on Sealing Problems
    Some manufacturers of electronic cabinets use off-the-shelf weatherstripping to seal gaps between the housing and door. Often, these weatherstrip materials are just fillers that form a static seal. They're not meant for dynamic sealing, and demonstrate poor compression set recovery
  • Predicting Seal Life with FEA
    and users alike have been searching for their industrial Holy Grail a method for predicting how long seals will last in service. Traditional methods for evaluating an elastomer's potential as a static or dynamic seal use ASTM or other standard immersion tests. These tests involve immersing the material
  • Intro and Compression Seals
    . In struggling with these design factors, many OEM designers use the seal manufacturers' expertise. Compression seals come in a variety of shapes and are characterized by the high unit load exhibited between seal and walls. These are generally the seals of choice in static sealing applications, which

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