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  • The Relative Merits and Limitations of Thermal Fluid, Electric and Steam Heat Tracing Systems
    The cost of one heat tracing method versus another. is of importance when selecting a heating system for. plant pipes and equipment, given that each system. has the capability to perform the required function. Today, however, long-term energy efficiency and the. reduction of hydrocarbon pollutants
  • Industrial Steam Heating Systems
    Reduced to its barest elements, a steam heating system consists of a boiler to convert water to steam, piping to conduct the steam to where it is to be used, a coil or other surface for. condensing the steam and transferring the latent heat from the steam to the air, a trap to prevent the steam
  • Waste Heat Generates Steam and Savings
    A coil coating facility purchased a new a 15,000 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) which has a nominal heat transfer efficiency rate of 90% and designed with supplemental fuel injection (SFI) which is used during low VOC loading conditions, to help save fuel cost. The facility was looking
  • How to Balance Steam Loads Efficiently
    * An understanding of the load vs. efficiency relationship is a guide for better decisions about boiler operation. * The oxygen content in turbine exhaust gases is sufficient to support the combustion needed for a downstream waste heat boiler. * The heat recovery steam generator uses about 8% to 10
  • Danfoss' solenoid valves for steam systems can take the heat
    Having reliable, high-quality components in a steam system is paramount for assured performance and safety. Danfoss has continually redesigned and refined its solenoid valves, helping meet changing customer demands for top quality valves.
  • Steam Humidification: Reducing Energy Use, Airstream Heat Gain, and Condensate Production
    improve it. Commercial and industrial steam humidification is considered essential for most process and health applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, printing plants, and health care facilities. Given the significant number of large buildings requiring steam humidification, it is time to make
  • Heat Tracing Loading Equipment
    A typical application for loading equipment is heat tracing transfer lines for liquids and gasses in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. In a large number of cases this type of equipment needs to be heat traced, either steam or electric, to keep the product flowing
  • For Vortex Flow Meters, Accuracy Matters in Steam Energy Flow Measurement
    The heat is on. Most facilities managers are in the hot seat to account for all of the flow energy, going in and out of their facility which is no easy task. This mandate is no different for steam flow measurement. Vortex flow meters continue to be the industry standard for accurate steam flow
  • Tanks & Vats Calculator: Heat Loss
    Find the heat losses from rectangular and cylindrical tanks for the start-up and running conditions. The calculator determines the heating requirment to satisfy the larger of the two heat loads, and then informs of the diameter and length of steam coil required to satisfy the conditions

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