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  • Biological Indicators-Image
    Biological Indicators - (40 companies)
    Biological indicators are used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of sterilization. They are designed for use with ethylene oxide gas, dry heat, steam or radiation. Ethylene oxide gas is used to kill bacteria, mold and fungi in medical... Learn More
  • Steam Traps-Image
    Steam Traps - (245 companies)
    Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensate from a steam space while preventing the loss of live steam. They also remove air and noncondensables from the steam space. Steam Traps Information. Steam traps are automatic valves... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Steam Valves-Image
    Steam Valves - (252 companies)
    Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. Description. Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. Materials. Aluminum. Brass. Bronze. Cast iron... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Steamers and Steam Generators - (107 companies)
    Steamers and Steam Generators Information. Steamers and steam generators produce steam vapor for cleaning, oxidation, and other process functions. They heat water above the boiling or vapor point to convert the water into high-temperature water... Learn More
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Software-Image
    Quality Assurance and Compliance Software - (337 companies)
    Quality Assurance and Compliance Software Information. Quality assurance and compliance software is used to test and inspect products and processes. These software packages are designed for activities such as compliance monitoring, project... Learn More
  • Steam Injection Heaters - (32 companies)
    Steam Injection Heaters Information. Steam injection heaters inject steam into a system to maintain or raise temperature levels. Steam injection heaters use a special system of perforated injection tubes to force steam into a liquid or slurry... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Steam and Gas Turbines - (69 companies)
    Steam and Gas Turbines Information. Steam turbines and gas turbines are rotating machines that extract energy from pressurized steam and/or from combustion gases. Types of Steam and Gas Turbines. There are two basic types of steam turbines: impulse... Learn More
  • Autoclaves and Sterilizers - (272 companies)
    Image Credit: Sterlitech Corporation. Autoclaves are used for applications requiring constant pressure and temperature for long periods of time. Common applications include the sterilization of instruments and polymerization of rubbers and plastics... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Boilers (industrial) - (628 companies)
    Industrial boilers are closed vessels that use a fuel source or electricity to heat water or generate steam for industrial heating and humidification applications. How to Select Industrial Boilers. Image Credit: ACME Engineering Products, Inc. | CCI... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Desuperheaters - (40 companies)
    Desuperheaters are used to cool steam in power plants. Desuperheating or steam conditioning is the process of restoring superheated steam to its saturated state through temperature reduction. There are two basic types of desuperheaters: indirect... Learn More
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544**58K7------B   Sartorius Group Water Filters small microorganisms that could possibly pass a 0.2 µm rated sterilizing grade filter. Featuring a unique hydrophilic Polyethersulfone membrane, Sartopore 2 0.1 µm mini cartridges are compatible from pH 1 to pH 14 and to numerous steam sterilization cycles. Therefore they are also ideally...

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Sterilization, as a specific discipline, has been with us for approximately 120 years, since the invention of the steam autoclave by Charles Chamberland in 1879. Since that time, we have seen progressive refinement in steam sterilizers: from the early, manually operated equipment to modern...

...with the final sterility assurance level (SAL) achieved by the cycle.2 Since gas-diffusion sterilization can be integrated into the manufacturing environment, the products can be continuously processed at the same conditions under which they were manufactured, thus avoiding climatic variations...

...are ethylene oxide (EtO), gamma irradiation, steam sterilization, and e-beam processing. All offer different advantages to medical manufacturers seeking to rid their devices of biological contaminants. Sterilization by EtO gas is in widespread use among device manufacturers. EtO is a toxic gas...

Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Industrial sterilization is a dynamic field. In addition to the two most common techniques, EtO and gamma radiation, electron-beam (E-beam) and steam processes also are used by some medical device manufacturers and contract sterilizers. Several emerging...

...process. The four phases are: (1) air removal, (2) steam injection and conditioning dwell, (3) EtO injection and gas dwell, and (4) gas purge and air inbleed. Mid-infrared gas spectrometer measures EtO and water vapor during sterilization. Photo courtesy Spectros Instruments, Inc. (Whitinsville, MA...

...with sterilization cycle development is directed toward the ultimate safety of the processed device. Risk can be considered the probability of occurrence of a hazard causing harm; safety, the freedom from unacceptable risk. A 10 6 sterility assurance level (SAL; the probability of one nonsterile unit...

If a bioburden approach were applied to steam sterilization, as it is toward radiation methods (without looking at thermophiles, thermotolerant spores, and anaerobes), low-temperature steam (e.g., 90 -100 C) would likely be sufficient to achieve 10 -6 sterility assurance for ultraclean (low bioburden...

...while the remaining 10% is held by steam and electron beam (E-beam). When using any of these four sterilization methods, manufacturers must validate the process in order to provide documented evidence that it will consistently yield the desired sterility and sterility assurance level (SAL). Upon...

�primarily gamma�as well as some saturated steam. This was mainly due to the proliferation of disposable medical devices. For the most part, they were constructed of heat-labile plastics and required a low-temperature (below 121.1�C) sterilization process. This trend continues...

...experts, ethylene oxide (EtO) is used for more than half of all medical devices sterilized. Despite its popularity, EtO sterilization, as it is performed by most companies today, has one major disadvantage when compared with steam or radiation methods. Unlike these methods, EtO typically involves...

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