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    Steamers and Steam Generators - (108 companies)
    ...vapor or steam. When water is heated in a closed vessel, high-pressure steam is generated. Typically, steamers and steam generators are used to treat surfaces and parts in applications such as cleaning, stripping, degreasing, sanitizing, and sterilizing... Learn More
  • Distillation Equipment and Solvent Recovery Systems-Image
    Distillation Equipment and Solvent Recovery Systems - (177 companies)
    Distillation equipment and solvent recovery systems are used for steam and wastewater stripping, chemical product purification, and solvent recovery. Distillation equipment and solvent recovery systems consist of metal cylinders armed internally... Learn More
  • Cleaning Services-Image
    Cleaning Services - (674 companies)
    Industrial cleaning services remove sludge and contaminants; deplug or clean filters; deblind screens or strainers; scour tanks or vessels; and perform biocide applications. They may also condition, clean and treat fuel, oil or other stored media. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments-Image
    Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments - (2135 companies)
    Cleaning agents and surface treatments includes liquid cleaners, degreasers, strippers, passivators, etchants, solutions and additives for cleaning and surface preparation. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Parts Washing Services-Image
    Parts Washing Services - (130 companies)
    ...on the surface of a part or medical device and/or within a container, vial or part. UV light, biocides, sanitizers, specialized gases and/or heat & pressure (steam or autoclaves) are used to sanitize or sterilize surfaces. Material Processing Capabilities. Parts... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pressure Washers - (383 companies)
    ...descale, degrease or prepare a surface. Pressure washers may use either cold water or hot water and steam to perform their function, and the water is often mixed with various cleansers, detergents or solvents. They are used for cleaning... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Water Jetting Equipment and Water Blasters - (138 companies) used to direct high pressure streams of water against a surface to clean or cut the material. The steams of water released by water jetting and water blasting equipment can exceed 10,000 psi. Water jetting and water blaster equipment is used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tower Packing - (39 companies)
    Tower Packing Information. Tower packing and tower fill materials are used in cooling towers to provide a high surface area for steam condensation without restricting air flow. Tower packing is a mass of inert, solid shapes. Within a cylindrical... Learn More
  • Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems - (717 companies)
    ...particles, acids, and alkaline solutions to clean part surfaces. Industrial parts washers are usually powered by electricity, gasoline, oil, or steam and include a wash tank made of glass, plastic, steel, or stainless steel. Complete turnkey systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Steam Valves - (254 companies)
    Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. Materials. Aluminum. Brass. Bronze. Cast iron. Ductile iron... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...the H2S from the sour water through steam stripping....

...of stripping this buildup was to apply 500°F superheated steam, which would soften the glue enough for workmen to scrape it away. Chemicals didn't budge it. Red Wing's maintenance consultant was familiar with ARMEX Blast Media and the ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM, and he believed ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal...

...the stripping steam flowrate. Since the strippers are integrated into the evaporators on the plant, this resulted in the heat balance and vapour ducting remaining virtually unchanged, and significantly reduced the total cost of the modification. Downstream of the strippers the overhead vapour is condensed...

Stripping. Bringing wastewater to the boil by live steam injection effectively strips volatiles such that the discharge water contains less than 0.5 ppm aromatics. If overhead condensate comprises equal amounts of aromatics and water they will phase separate: with over 95% of the hydrocarbons...

...etc.). Steam Stripping: Bringing wastewater to the boil by live steam injection effectively strips volatiles such that discharge contains less than 0.5 PPMW aromatics. If overheads condensate comprises equal amounts of aromatics and water they will phase separate: with over 95% of the hydrocarbons... 40% Bubreak siloxane technology: the key to profitable pulping Jimmy Pauck and Professor Jeremy Marsh. The role of sodium silicate in the flotation deinking of newsprint at Mondi Merebank Stuart Bradbury, Rex Zietsman and David Rogans. Upgrade of existing foul condensate stripping incorporating...

...the recovered solvents are water soluble, as is the case of Grafo Regia, additional processes such as steam stripping, distillation or pervaporation are used to separate the solvent and water, and to dry the recovered solvent. Grafo Regia, a unit of the packaging division of the Femsa Group...

...are self-priming, designed to run dry for short periods and their high suction makes them ideal for line-stripping. They are available in cast iron, ductile iron and stainless steel models with special elastomers that make them compatible with the handling of many products....

Number of ideal stages in the stripping column including reflux and reboiler: 10. The height of each stage: 6 to 9 ft depending on the packing type. Process Description and Process Flow Diagram. Figure 2 presents a simplified process flow diagram representing the configuration of the. proposed CO2...

...and the desire to reduce the exposure of employees to the paint stripper, Flexel began looking for an alternative stripping method. Several "non-toxic" strippers were tested with little or no success. Finally, a Flexel employee related a past experience he had with ARMEX Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems...

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Carbon Sequestration: Steam Process Could Remove CO2 to...
technique that could utilize waste steam generated by many facilities that burn fossil fuels.  This steam-stripping technique could produce

Empirical Theory of Vacuum Assisted Steam Stripping of Organic...
A theoretical model was developed for the removal of organic chemicals from soil via vacuum-assisted steam stripping.
See ASTM International Information

Distillation equipment for solvent recovery, steam &...
Process Expertise Distillation Liquid-Liquid Extraction Steam Stripping Absorption
See Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC. Information

Common Still Problems
Paint Formulation and Stripping Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Check for pinhole leaks in steam coils. Follow these recommendations:
See Dow Chemical Company (The) Information

Post Ion-Implant Photoresist Stripping Using Steam and...
Post Ion-Implant Photoresist Stripping Using Steam and Water: Pre-Treatment in a Steam Atmosphere and Steam-Water Mixed Spray , p.273

Modeling Remediation at Visalia
Steam Stripping Hot Air Extraction Remediation with Steam Stripping at Visalia

Power shovel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A power shovel (also stripping shovel or front shovel or electric mining shovel) is a bucket-equipped machine, usually electrically powered, used for

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Comparative Detoxification of Vacuum Evaporation/Steam...
Comparative Detoxification of Vacuum Evaporation/Steam Stripping Combined with Overliming on Corn Stover Prehydrolyzate

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