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  • What Makes a Good Coupler?
    not a specification. It. North Hills brings the cable, including the outer jacket and shield. does not define the environmental conditions that must be met. into the ferrule, crimps the ferrule onto the outer jacket and solders. the shield to the inner end of the ferrule. The ferrule and cable. What do
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the Neutricon and Nanocon from Neutrik USA, offer a chuck-style relief that accepts 3- to 7-mm cable diameters and flat ribbon cables. The Neutricon is a modular system of one- to eight-pin cable connectors and panel receptacles that can be used for medical instrumentation in nonsterile
  • Medical Device Link .
    , flexible multiple-wire cable. The ergonomics of the reusable handpiece were improved with grip grooves in the area of hand contact, an activation button that is tall enough to function with ill-fitting gloves and that is placed and shaped for maximum comfort. The handpiece is also balanced
  • Medical Device Link .
    applications provides a complete range of cables, connectors, and lead wires for virtually all domestic and international manufacturers of vital-signs monitors. The TronoMate patient cable and lead wire system, designed for interchangeability, represents one product family that has achieved CE-marking status
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    designs. Tru Corp. Radio-frequency (RF) microwave cables, cable assemblies, and connectors are engineered to customer requirements in order to address problems relating to broadband RF performance, power levels, magnetic shielding, materials, size, or connectivity. The medical interconnects employ
  • Medical Device Link .
    an extensive selection of electronic connectors for applications in medical electronics. More than 30 intermatable sealed and unsealed body types are available for cable and panel mounting. Contact configurations include coaxial, triaxial, multipole, mixed, high-voltage, and thermocouple. Standard
  • Accessory Power Systems
    and North American Power Cord Accessories. Ferrites. Ferrules. North American Power Cords Cord sets. International Power Cords and Cord Sets. Plugs, Sockets, and Connectors. North American NEMA Configurations. Plug and Socket Accessories. High Power Pin and Sleeve Devices. Cable - North American
  • Medical Device Link .
    and unsealed body types for cable and panel mounting. Contact configurations include multipole, coaxial, triaxial, mixed, high voltage and thermocouple, in standard or custom designs. Made from precision-machined shells of brass, stainless steel, or aluminum, as well as high-performance plastic